Republicans regain and Democrats lose control of the Supreme Court

President Barack Obama filled 38 per cent of the federal bench with a record 329 judges. President Donald J. Trump is on pace to fill 15 per cent of the federal judiciary. When Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, so were 74 other federal judges. Who was the first to report that the Democrats will regain the House while the Republicans hold the Senate? It was reported on Oct. 13th by:

George Soros uses funds from Congress to recruit Russian spies through his "Open World" Program

George Soros has used money from Congress to recruit Russian spies. Since 1999, spies have been selected from a pool of 27,000 persons. The program is called the “Open World”. Congress established it in Dec. 2000 as a permanent, independent entity, unaccountable to government oversight. Taxpayers paid $7,076,932 for it last year. Shadow government has created shadow spies.