Paul Whelan has been working for Russia since 2011

Sources are press releases from Rostec (Russia), BorgWarner, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), states of Florida and Nevada business filings, Kalashnikov and Arsenal USA websites, and the Russian Weapons Company (RWC) corporate filings in Pennsylvania and Florida. Whelan was arrested in Russia for being a spy. For what side?

Russia's Defense Minister skirts sanctions by exporting parts from his weapons factory for assembly in his companies in Miami and Las Vegas

Aleksey Krivoruchko is Russia’s Chief of Armaments. He buys weapons for their military made in his factories. It is illegal to import goods from Russia yet he is. His companies in Miami and Las Vegas import his Russian-made firearms. They are shipped in parts and pieces, assembled in the U.S., then sold wholesale to gun dealers. How is he getting away with it? Confused? That is the idea.

Congress voted 357-22 Thursday to support Pelosi's trillion dollar slush fund for NATO instead of $5 billion for a Mexico border wall

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi is in charge of divvying up NATO’s trillion dollar slush fund. It is more than the U.S. defense budget. It is more than the budgets of 27 of the 28 countries in NATO. Only the U.S. has a budget of over a trillion dollars. The U.S. has been paying from 66 to 82.5 per cent of the NATO budget since 2011. Both slabs of pork, the U.S. and NATO’s defense budget, are courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Five billion dollars to support the Mexican border wall to protect American citizens has never been voted on or approved. Sources are NATO and the Congressional Record.

Paul Whelan no longer jailed in England or Moscow

Paul Whelan is no longer in jail in either England or Wales, according to the Prisoner Location Service in Great Britain. Whelan’s prison sentence started Nov. 20th. On Dec. 28th, he was arrested in Moscow. He is no longer in either jail. His whereabouts are unknown. Is this the same person?

Mariia Butina's plea hearing forces American University to reveal 72 classmates who are spies by Feb. 12th

The Judge is enforcing subpoenas on American University (AU) for pictures and names of Mariia’s classmates. The school is fighting the court order to cover up their identities. Based on class size and the number of courses taken, there are 72 other student spies. Butina is ratting on them in order to reduce her jail sentence from five years to six months, according to her attorney.

Paul Whelan is co-conspirator with Nevidomy and Makarenko in selling illegal sniper gear to Russia

Whelan is a silent partner in a Hallandale Beach, Florida gun store called Aquila Arms LLC. The illegal arms scheme of selling sniper gear to Russia has already resulted in the conviction of an American citizen, Vladimir Novidomy. He is serving a 26-month jail sentence. Dmitry Makarenko was charged in the same case. Dmitry was arrested the day after Whelan was arrested in Mosow for being a spy. The court ruled Makarenko a fugitive for missing two sentence hearings. He left Miami and moved back to his hometown in Russia, Vladivoskok.