Mike Flynn added today to witness list

Mike Flynn was added today as a witness for Monday’s trial. The judge ruled Flynn is a co-conspirator in the criminal case of Bijan Kian Rafiekian and Ekim Alptekin. Charges include two allegations of being Turkish spies to four counts of fraud.

Flynn ruled a criminal co-conspirator, trial Monday

Michael Flynn is a co-conspirator in the Kian case, according to Judge Anthony Trenga. His trial begins Monday in Alexandria, Virginia Federal District Court. The trial judge has labeled Flynn a criminal co-conspirator with Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian Rafiekian. They are accused of being Turkish spies, representing non-American interests. Flynn has already plead guilty to lying to the FBI. The case is in D.C. Federal Court. Judge Sullivan will sentence Flynn as soon as the Kian trial is over. Flynn is anticipating five years in jail.

Paul Erickson fraud trial is Oct. 1st

Yesterday, Judge Kathy Schreier became the new trial judge in the fraud case of Paul Erickson. Today, the Judge reset the trial date for Oct. 1st. Erickson is charged with one count of fraud and ten counts of money laundering. Erickson worked together with Mariia Butina, a convicted Russian spy.

These four lies impeach Flynn's testimony

Financial disclosures filed and signed by Flynn dating back to June 10th, 2015 impeach his court testimony. The filings discredit Flynn’s testimony as anything but truthful. Flynn lied to the President, FBI, Justice Dept., and Congress. Sources are from Flynn’s public filings.

Judge Trenga will dismiss Kian case on June 28th to cover up DOJ's allegations of fraud, bribes, and kickbacks between Flynn, his lawyers, clients, 14 business ventures, and Turkey

Prosecutors have accused Covington & Burling, defense attorneys, of fraud, bribery, and kickbacks. Prosecutors have submitted 137 emails from Flynn to Kian as partners in Flynn Intel Group. They are linked. They prove that Flynn used social media in Oct. 2016 to campaign against Donald J. Trump for President.

Mike Flynn's sentencing is July 15th

Flynn Intel Group filed six documents with the Justice Department (DOJ) identifying the firm as a foreign agent or spy for Turkey. The registration tells the DOJ that Flynn no longer represents the best interests of the U.S. Instead, he pledges allegiance to Turkey.

Caterpillar hired Strzok's boss to stop SEC probe

CAT never disclosed that they hired Peter Strzok’s boss, Randy Coleman, as their Chief of Security. Or that Randy also knew Melissa Hodgman too. She is Strzok’s wife. Hodgman works at the SEC. When she stopped the Hillary email investigation, she was promoted. The SEC’s and IRS’ eight-year probe into CAT stopped when Coleman was hired. It was an eight billion dollar tax fraud matter. Own any Caterpillar stock?