Ohio LLC only $99

Incorporate for $99 in Ohio online. Do you live in another state? You may be able to do in a way similar to Ohio in your home state. First:

Link to "Ohio Business Central" for the Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State. Verify it says:


Check the site. Many sites pose as the government of the State of Ohio. Avoid being tricked. If the fee is more than $99, you have been bamboozled! 

Then click, "Businesses". The name is in the top right corner next to "Notary" under the search box.


There are nine blue boxes. Select the first one, "File Online,"


Create your profile and account:


Then click the middle blue colored icon, "Submit a Business Filing in Ohio", on the bottom middle of the web page.


If done correctly, click the middle dark blue box, "File a New Business or Register a Name."


If your business is just one person, you, most people select the seventh box from the top, "Limited Liability Company (Ohio) $99". How many people are needed to incorporate? Just one. You!

Most people pass on paying extra bucks for quicker service. Ohio's turnaround time ranges up to two business days. Sometimes, your application is approved on the same day at the regular price.

Besides picking the name for your company, the hardest question to answer is, "Statutory Agent". For now, that person is you, the applicant.

To be approved and legal, your company needs the name of a person who can guarantee receiving legal notices through the mail like lawsuits and notices from Ohio or your state.

In almost every case, that person is you!

If you fail to at least name yourself as a "statutory agent", your application is incomplete and will be rejected.

You can change the statutory agent at any time. At this point, all you want to do is incorporate.

Once approved, your personal assets are protected against loss from business debts. You and your business can still be sued, regardless. Hopefully, you will make a profit and have no debt worries.

Questions? The Ohio Secretary of State's phone number is 614-466-2656.

Do you need to hire an attorney to do this for you?

Ask a question with a question.

How do you think your attorney completes his client's requests to incorporate? The same way. The fee with the State of Ohio is $99. How much was your attorney going to charge you for five minutes work?

Again, once incorporated, you can make other changes, and add other owners called "members" in an LLC. 

Next is how to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS online. With both items, your incorporation letter and IRS EIN number letter, you are ready to go to your bank to set up your first business checking account.

Here is the IRS cite:


Scroll for another blog on tips on how to apply for an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN). It is a Social Security number for your business.

To view this blog channel on Apple News, click the link below:


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