Sidney Powell flimflammed Flynn

Sidney Powell flimflammed Flynn

Mike Flynn (center) with his attorneys, Jesse Binnall (left) and Sidney Powell (far right)

Sidney Powell said she “has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals”.

Source is her website:

Powell web site 500 appeals 350 federal.png

According to Pacer, the official record of the Federal Judiciary, Powell’s federal court experience is 28 cases.

Powell Pacer docket headline top two cases.png
Powell case list Pacer down two.png
Powell Pacer case list bottom panel.png

She has no trial or criminal law experience.

Flynn is broke, according to his brother and sister.

Flynn broke headline Oct 28th 2017.png

When the law firm of Covington and Burling received only $25,000 out of a five million dollar bill, they quit representing:

  • Mike Flynn

  • Flynn Intel Group

Flynn owes five million dollar NY Magazine.png

Who then is paying Miss Powell?

Is it anyone’s business?

Which book publisher has advanced Powell royalties for her book, “The Mike Flynn trials”?


Tomorrow at 11 a.m., Powell has a hearing in the Federal Court District of Columbia.

She is representing Flynn in two cases before Judge Emmett Sullivan.

Powell needs court approval for a security clearance to view court records in each without deletions.

Prosecutors have argued that Powell has no right to review documents because of issues involving:

  • national security

  • pending prosecutions

Flynn’s legal bill was leaked.

What is next?

How will Judge Sullivan rule?

Update tomorrow.

The Judge has a second Flynn case assigned to him.

Sidney Powell, Flynn’s attorney, has filed motions to conceal public information of her client.

Out of three disc drives of data, only 14 documents will be disclosed.

None of it needed a top secret clearance to release.

No black out marks were needed to be removed to disclose the documents.

The Washington Post, who filed the public information law suit, made no attempt to uncover more than 14 documents.

Great stuff for her next book.

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Tuesday’s update

Dec. 18th Mike Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced.

No evidence was presented on how his cooperation with prosecutors will reduce his jail time.

Powell failed to file a motion to dismiss.

Judge Sullivan delayed making a decision on whether to grant Powell a top security clearance to review evidence.

Flynn status fireworks Sept 10th 2019 half sheet.png
Flynn Powell security clearance dec delayed Sept 5th 2019.png
Judge rules tomorrow on Flynn Intel case

Judge rules tomorrow on Flynn Intel case

Hazelwood calls Judge prejudiced, wants new trial

Hazelwood calls Judge prejudiced, wants new trial