CIA used Tom Firestone and Bruce Ohr to set up meetings with Oleg Deripaska in the law offices of Baker McKenzie

CIA used Tom Firestone and Bruce Ohr to set up meetings with Oleg Deripaska in the law offices of Baker McKenzie

Tom Firestone, attorney (above), former Acting Chief of the Law Enforcement Section for the Justice Department at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

His bosses were Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, and Peter Strzok.

McCabe was former Deputy Director of the FBI.

Ohr was former Director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force since 1999. He had the fourth highest position in the Justice Department.

Strzok worked 24 years for the CIA. He was their former Chief of the Counterespionage Group and a Senior Official of the FBI at the same time.

Is Tom Firestone still CIA while working for a corporate law firm?

He is the common denominator in the takedown of President Donald J. Trump. Firestone is a Partner in Baker McKenzie, the second largest global law firm in the world. Based on billings, they say they are number one.

Baker McKenzie only.png

Does Firestone still retain top secret clearance? If not, does he still have access to top secret data through CIA contractors like Fusion GPS?

He joined Baker McKenzie in Sept. 2012 after working 14 years as an attorney for the Justice Department.

Firestone was outed by in an email dated Nov. 21st, 2016. It was from Kathleen Kavalec. It was sent to Bruce Ohr. It was released by Congress two months ago.

Miss Kavalec’s email said, “Tom Firestone brought him in” (for the CIA), referring to Simon Kukes, a Russian billionaire businessman working for the Russian state. He ran Yukos, one of Russia’s largest oil companies.

Lindsay Moran, a former CIA officer said the email sounded as if it was coming from “a source and a handler, or a source and headquarters”.

Two weeks ago, Kukes was outed as another CIA plant in the Trump Campaign for President.

Miss Kavalec is Deputy Assistant Secretary in charge of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs which includes Russia. As a Senior Official of the State Department, she is part of the President’s Cabinet. At the time, she was working for John Kerry and President Barack Obama.

She is fluent in Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Ukrainian.

Miss Kavalec was nominated to be Ambassador of Albania by President Trump on July 3rd. She has yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

The Senate approved 74 federal judges on Saturday with the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. However, Miss Kavalec was excluded from the list of 172 Executive branch appointments which included Ambassadors for the State Department.

Simon Kukes was compromised in another CIA operation back in 2003.

The CIA accused Kukes of racketeering and bribing Russian officials in an oil merger. It was between BP (British Petroleum), the world’s largest oil company, and TNK, a company Kukes managed as CEO. He was never charged. TNK, however, is out of business.

Simon Kukes runs a company that produces oil and gas from shale in the U.S. The value of the company skyrocketed 600 per cent in one week in July and increased $64 million.

Tom Firestone was named Acting Chief of the Law Enforcement Section for the Justice Department at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on March 16th, 2011.

His promotion is linked here:

The press release said Firestone’s new job title was “Resident Legal Advisor”

Firestone reported to Andy McCabe. Bruce Ohr, and Peter Strzok. McCabe and Strzok were fired. Strzok worked for the CIA and FBI at the same time.

On May 20th, 2013, Firestone was arrested and expelled from Russia. At the time, he was working in the Moscow office of Baker McKenzie.

On the same day, Russian authorities arrested Ryan Christopher Fogle, a career diplomat working in the CIA’s Political Section of the American embassy in Moscow. He too was expelled from Russia.

Firestone and Fogle were recruiting a Russian agent for the CIA.

On Nov. 20th, 2013, Firestone relocated to the London office of Baker McKenzie.

Firestone quit the Justice Department on Sept. 2012 to begin another Andy McCabe CIA operation.

It involved a new degree program through the United Nations (UN). It was called the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA).

Big Smile.png

CIA surveillance “wire taps” or transmitters fit inside key chains, lanyards, earrings, and rings. A bulky wire device is no longer needed. All spies need for round-the-clock surveillance is one’s email address and cell phone number.

A single device can grab all the cell phone numbers in a convention hall. Carter Page was able to do it by shaking hands and entering rooms at the Democrat and Republican National Conventions. Maria Butina was able to surveil key donors of the NRA by doing the same thing at their conventions and meetings.

The software was developed by a CIA start-up company called Palanatir. More details about the CIA-developed software already in use by 80 cities around the country like yours can be linked here:

Bruce Ohr used Baker McKenzie’s office in the District of Columbia 49 times to meet Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska from 2009 to 2016, according to John Solomon of The Hill.

Solomon’s sources are Deripaska, his attorney, Adam Waldman, “and several FBI agents”

Deripaska is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man and state business partner. Solomon also said that Deripaska will testify before Congress without immunity and that Paul Manafort “stole money” from him.

Oleg Deripaska (rhymes with Alaska) is fluent in English.

Solomon’s quotes are in the video below:

Imaged below is a press release from Baker McKenzie. Its D.C. rooftop reception over the Capitol welcomed Prof. James Goldgeier of American University, Bruce Ohr, and his wife, Nellie, a known CIA operative. She like Tom Firestone, also pictured below, are fluent in Russian.

BAke rooftop.jpg
Tom's three prosecutions.png

The resume cites three cases prosecuted. They are:

  • U.S. versus Kapelioujnyi et al

  • U.S. versus Abramov et al

  • U.S. versus LoCascio et al

“Et al” means multiple defendants.

A search for all federal cases by Tom Firestone was conducted yesterday. “The search returned no results”.

The Pacer Server Center is the official record of the federal judiciary.

Screenshot_2018-10-09 PACER Case Locator Advanced Party Search.png
Tom Firestone DOJ.png

Another search was done on the Justice Center web site archive. It has three citations under “Tom Firestone”. When the links are opened, Firestone’s name is listed no where as a prosecutor. ...

Want to see Oleg Deripaska’s yacht? And his girl friend? The BBC interviewed him too in English. Please click the above video to start.

Who is Russia’s boss? Find out in less than two minutes.

Get Putin’s story in two and half minutes.

CIA coins.jpg

President Bill Clinton used Presidential Decision Directives to clothe Joint Task Forces to keep details of CIA involvement with the other federal intelligence agencies top secret.

Unlike an Executive Order, a PDD needs no Congressional approval and can remain top secret for 20 years.

Is Bruce Ohr CIA too? Does he get two paychecks, one from the Justice Department and one from the CIA?

Firestone blog Deripaska.png
Firestone Ukraine.png

Charles M. “Charlie” Firestone is also a member of the Foreign Relations Institute along with Tom Firestone. “Charlie” has been Executive Director of the Aspen Institute since 1989.

Charles Firestone Aspen.png

The Aspen Institute is run by the CIA, according to Steve Piecznik.

Piecznik was Assistant Secretary of State to three Presidents. He was the character on which the television series, “24”, and “Jack Ryan” were based.

Tom Clancy sold 50 million books based on Piecznik’s espionage stories. The movies, “The Hunt for Red October”, “Patriot Games”, and “Clear and Present Danger” were based on Clancy’s books.

CIA Aspen.png

Federal agents seized Oleg Deripaska’s mansion in New York City last week. He paid $42.5 million for it in 2008. Deripaska is on the Treasury Department’s sanctions’ list.

Treas two.png
Treasury three.png

The above mansion is in the District of Columbia. Deripaska’s New York City mansion was seized by the Treasury.

Editor’s Note

President Trump has used terms first used by George Webb such as “Pakistani Mystery Man” and “Where are the servers?”.

Webb’s daily series of over 3500 videos spans two years. They have two main themes.

He documents the Spygate fiasco in Congress.

Webb also details and tracks CIA operations in America.

Project Cassandra is only one of several drugs for weapons operations.

His series is the first to detail how fentanyl patches has become the drug traffickers dream product and currency of choice.

It can be transported in ambulances, garbage trucks, and select car dealerships. Diplomatic planes, cargo vessels, and limousines insure safe passage without inspection.

The bad guys own American ports.

Fentanyl patches are laundered through startup companies. They become public then trade on stock exchanges where SEC and FDA scrutiny is non-existent. The Security and Exchange Commission is the SEC. The Food and Drug Administration is the FDA.

Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, is in charge of “enforcing” SEC’s International Division. She was promoted when she “killed” the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Firestone American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce - AUCC.png
Trump nominated 15 more federal judges yesterday

Trump nominated 15 more federal judges yesterday

Senate confirms 74 other federal judges with Kavanaugh plus 172 Trump Executive branch hires in today's Senate vote

Senate confirms 74 other federal judges with Kavanaugh plus 172 Trump Executive branch hires in today's Senate vote