Strzok running ops in the Hilton?

Strzok running ops in the Hilton?

Nigel Glennie, Hilton VP of Communications and Crisis Management (above)

Peter Strzok’s former boss, John Giacalone (jack a LOAN), manages CIA operations in Hilton locations worldwide.


Giacalone was hand-picked by its Board of Directors.

When John retired Feb. 28th, 2016 to work for Hilton, Giacalone was the third highest ranking official in the FBI/CIA.

Those ahead of Giacalone?

James Comey.

Andrew McCabe.

What happened to Strzok?

Is he working at the Hilton for his old boss as a contractor for the CIA?

Giacalone Interview page nine lunch with Strzok.png
Strzok July 12th 2018 before Congress.png

Peter Strzok

Giacalone interview Congress June 21st 2018 face sheet.png

John Giacalone, Hilton Worldwide

One of Giacalone’s best friends is Brian McCauley.

McCauley worked two jobs at the same time.

At the FBI, he was Deputy Assistant Director International Operations.

At the CIA, he was a Director of Operations, Science, and Technology.

Brian was the right-hand-man to John Brennan, former Director of the CIA.

McCauley testified at the Bijan Kian Rafiekian/Michael Flynn trial last month.

Brian lied to the court when he said he worked for the FBI.

He left out the CIA part.

According to the CIA, McCauley worked for them.

McCauley still works for the CIA.

Like Strzok.

As a contractor or non-employee.

McCauley is a double-dipper.

He collects two checks.

One is a retirement check from the federal government.

The other is a check from the CIA as a contractor.

McCauley CIA masthead great.png
McCauley Brian on CIA website as directors of analysts now contractor.png
McCauley Brian.png

Brian McCauley (above)

Giacalone worked with Mike Flynn and Peter Strzok in Baghdad in 2005.

In 2005, Giacalone was deputy on-scene-commander in the Iraqi theater of operations.

John coordinated the efforts of the FBI, the intelligence community, and the U.S. military.

They rescued kidnap victim, Roy Hallums on Sept. 5th, 2005.

John met Bijan Kian Rafiekian at the Naval War College in 2006.

At the time, Kian was a Director and Giacalone was a graduate student.

Flynn Potamac Institute.png
Flynn Kian photo both smiling for camera.png

Mike Flynn (left) and Bijan Kiani Rafiekian (above)

Giacalone was Executive Assistant Director (EAD) for the CIA/FBI in charge global operations for:

  • counterrorism

  • counterintelligence

  • weapons of mass destruction

He ran a Joint Terrorism Task Force out of New York City for two years.

Giacalone managed 500 plus federal agents, NYC detectives, and CIA analysts.

Giacalone NYC 500 agents.png

The CIA uses rooms in the Hilton as “recording studios” to capture audio and video.

Is surveillance on hotel property limited to threats of national security?

Or is everything on Hilton property recorded for future use?

Where are the backup videos stored?

Who is paying for it?

Customers or taxpayers?

Nigel Glennie is Hilton Worldwide’s VP of Communications and Crisis Management.

He refused to confirm Jack a LOAN’s (Giacalone) hire date of March 1st, 2016.

Glennie responded 17 minutes after the information request, never answering it.

Glennie is responsible to Hilton’s management and stockholders.

He has no duty to respond to anyone else.

Nigel Hilton initial email Giacalone Aug 29th 2019.png
Nigel Hilton response in 17 minutes Aug 29th 2019.png
Glennie red car Cisco.png
Hilton Nigel Glennie contacts about ten.png

Hilton’s Board of Directors include:

  • John Schreiber, founder of Blackstone Real Estate Advisors

  • Judith McHale, former Under Secretary to the Secretary of State

  • Raymond Mabus, former Secretary of the Navy and former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

  • Jonathan Gray, President and Chief Operating Officer of Blackstone Group Management LLC

Some say Blackstone is Blackwater, a former group of private assassins.

Some say Blackstone never had any connection to Blackwater.

Hilton another Blackstone CApital Director Schreiber.png
Hilton Judith McHale Bd of Dir.png
Hilton Bd of dir Mabus Navy MS Gov.png
Hilton Bd of Directors Blackstone Group Jonathan Gray Chrm CFO.png
Hilton Bd of Directors Blackstone Jonathan Gray.png

Where is the headquarters for the CIA?

McClean, Virginia.

Hilton suites are a mile and a half away from CIA headquarters.

Hilton to CIA is a mile and a half.png
CIA Headquarters map image.png

Besides the Hilton and its Board of Directors, these are six other persons who want to have the John Giacalone Hilton/CIA matter covered up.

They are:

  1. Former FBI Director and Special Prosecutor Roberrt Mueller. He hired and promoted Giacalone.

Giacalone FBI press release ONE with Mueller Aug 15th 2011 full text.png

2. Former FBI Director James Comey. He promoted Giacalone.

Giacalone FBI press release TWO Comey promoted Jan 17th 2014.png
Giacalone quit FBI to pay college tuition page 12.png
Giacalone Randy Coleman reference plus HSBC.png

John (Jack) Lowell Hilton Jr. owned a thousand shares of Flynn Intel stock.

Source is Rob Kelner, former attorney for Flynn Intel Group.

Kelner filled out this public filing.

“Darkshore LLC” is John L. Hilton Jr.

Hilton thousand shares under Darkshore LLC.jpg

Jack is fluent in Chinese and Italian.

How did he end up with immunity?

How did he end up incorporating a business from an Akron, Ohio Hilton Inn business address?

Jeff Peterson partner with Jack in Peterhill Games LLC.

Hilton Darkshore top page one.png
Hilton Darkshore LLC two panels from top page one.png
Hilton Darkshore middle panel.png
Hilton Jack or John L obit of Sr.png
Hilton Peterhill Games page one of four.png
Hilton Peterhill Games page two of four.png
Hilton Peterhill Games page three of foour.png
Hilton Darkshore Ohio top page one.png
Hilton Darkshore Ohio bottom page one.png
Hilton Darkshore best top page two of two.png
Hilton Jack signature bottom page two Darkshore.png
Hilton Nicky married to a Rothschild.png

Nicky Hilton’s proposed venture to set up her own brand of hotels never seemed to get off the ground.

It was her personal venture.

It had no connect to Hilton Worldwide.

It was interrupted by a:

Unable to confirm whether former FBI Director Robert Swan Mueller set up a similar program at the Marriott.

Unable to find a picture of John “Jack” Lowell Hilton Jr.


A Hilton shy of publicity?

Find one?

Please post the link in the “Comments”.

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