Flynn partner approved  loans for Putin's VEB bank

Flynn partner approved loans for Putin's VEB bank

Putin Ex-Im deal 2003 top panel.png

With Congressional approval, Bijan Kiani Rafiekian, helped finance loans through the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank.

One of its recipients was Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was for one of his banks, Vnesheconombank, also known as VEB.

Even though Kian no longer works for the Ex-Im Bank, the flow of money to Russia continues.

The money goes from Citibank and JP Morgan to VEB subsidiaries in:

  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • Kiev, Ukraine

Source is VEB bank of Russia:

VEB still doing business with Citibank Aug 22nd 2019.png

In the past, some of the money was used to benefit two of Flynn’s partners:

  • Bijan Kiani Rafiekian

  • Ekim Alptekin

Congress has been approving loans for Russia since 1991.

Source is a press release dated Sept. 25th, 2003 from Export-Import Bank.

It is linked here:

Who knows what happened to the money or much the loans were for.

The Ex-Im Bank admits it is unable to document 40 per cent of its loans.

Some are marked “unknown”.

Sources are its own Annual Reports:

On Sept. 30th, Congress is set to schedule a vote to extend the charter of the Ex-Im Bank.

The Export-Import Bank was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Feb. 22nd, 1934.

It was initially set up to finance the military industrial complex without a declaration of war.

President Roosevelt was former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for seven years.

Putin criminal smile.jpg

Russian President Vladimir Putin (above)

VEB Annual report 2010 named Putin as boss.png

Ex-Im Bank helped Putin buy EA Aerospace and the billion dollars of NASA technology associated with it.

Also representing Flynn Intel Group in Eclipse Aviation (EA), was:

  • Ekim Alptekin

  • Bijan Kian Rafiekian

Both are on trial in the federal district court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike Flynn is a co-conspirator with his partners.

Unlike Ekim and Bijan, Flynn has yet to be charged.

Kian has been found guilty of being a Turkish spy.

It is his second felony conviction.

He was also found guilty in a conspiracy to sell cocaine.

The next court hearing for Kian, Alptekin, and Flynn is Sept. 17th.

Bijan Kian Rafiekian was CEO and President of Flynn Intel Group.

Flynn Intel Kian all four officers image.png

Alptekin is President and CEO of:

  • the Turkish based EA Havilicek

  • Eclipse Aviation (EA)

  • Eclipse Aerospace (EA)

EA Havilicek is a joint venture with Putin.

It sells custom-made arms to NATO.

It is their description on their website:

Russia makes some of EA’s parts.

EA aerospace Alptekin plane history.png

Ekim appointed Kian to its Board of Directors.

Source is Turkey’s Chamber of Commerce:

Evgeny Buryakov, also known as David Bolotin, was on the board and was active in representing:

  • Alptekin’s ETRIC in the Netherlands

  • Putin’s VEB in Moscow

VEB Evgeny still on NY office list.png
Evgeny photo one.jpg

Daniel Bolotin of ETRIC in the Netherlands is the same person as convicted Russian Spy, Evgeny Buryakov (above)

Putin ended up with Eclipse Aviation through a U.S. bankruptcy court.

He was the only bidder.

Russian collusion?

Carter Page was the CIA/FBI employee informant whose wire taps led to the arrest of Bolotin.

Buryakov was convicted of being a Russian spy.

Bolotin did 30-months in jail.

Buryakov was released on March 31st, 2017.

He was represented by White and Case.

Robert Mueller was a former partner there.

None of their partners or associates practice criminal law.

BOP locator EVGENY BURYAKOV aka Bolotin Daniel.png
Evgeny photo ABC.png
Evengy ICE.png
FlynnBijan (1) best smiling photos.png

Bijan Kiani Rafiekian (center) with Mike Flynn (right). The person on the left is unidentified.

Gissou Rakiekian.png

Gissou Rafiekian (far left) next to her husband, Bijan and Lori Flynn (blue dress) with her husband, Michael, donning military medals

Gissou Rafiekian check $25,000.png
VEB GE press release June 21st 2017 top panel.png
VEB Leasing best panel TWO  LEAP Engines GE Aviation(2).png
Eclipse Boeing 777 Aug 31st 2017.png

“EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, has just received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covering the installation of its Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) solution on a B777 aircraft.”

Translation: Eclipse Aviation = EA Havilicek = Eclipse Aerospace now doing business with Boeing.

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Third Flynn case to yield 14 documents out of three disc drives

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