Second Flynn criminal case covers up key testimony and events

Second Flynn criminal case covers up key testimony and events

Rob Kelner (middle with glasses) and Mike Flynn (far right). The policeman in the photo is unidentified.

Key evidence and testimony have been omitted from Tuesday’s Mike Flynn case.

And the Judge, court reporter, defense attorneys, and prosecutors are all in on it.

Flynn is a retired general from the Army who specialized in intelligence.

His only defense in this case may be to argue the opposite.

Flynn resigned a cabinet position as National Security Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.

This is day three of the criminal trial in Alexandria, Virginia Federal District Court.

Flynn is named a co-conspirator with Bijan Kiani.

Flynn was supposed to testify for the prosecution.

Then the defense.

It is never if the Judge dismisses the case because the Prosecution fails to prove its case.

His attorneys though said Flynn would testify.

As of Tuesday.

“Mike Flynn has something to say and he is going to tell it”, said Rob Kelner, the first of many waves of attorneys.

Kelner’s statement, however, has been omitted from Tuesday’s court transcript.

The omission means it never was said.

Even though everyone in the courtroom heard it including the Judge.

And because the courtroom was packed with attorneys and staff.

Easy to cover up because only one person from the public, George Webb Sweigart, was there.

And his statements should be ignored too because he is a “conspiracy theorist”.

Anything else in the transcript missing?

Like a mention of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Or the Judge reversing himself by allowing testimony about kickbacks to be discussed because he “wanted to hear it”?

Or Kelner, representing the law firm of Covington & Burling, saying that he was proud of being a “never Trumper”.


Were those things were omitted from the transcript too?

Who noticed?

Transcript face Trenga 158 pages.png

Flynn pled guilty on Dec. 18th, 2017 for lying to the FBI.

His sentencing has been delayed until September.

And the Prosecution and a Judge has said Flynn’s testimony is “unreliable”.

Who should anyone believe the testimony of someone who lied to the FBI?

But Flynn’s testimony may be more reliable that either or his co-conspirators, Bijan Kiani Rafiekian and Ekim Alptekin.

The trio are facing six criminal charges for falsifying and lying to the Justice Department and FBI in three applications to represent the interests of Turkey over that of the U.S.

The work product filed as evidence on Thursday by Flynn’s attorneys verify that Flynn lied at least three times to the Justice Department in the FARA applications.

FARA is the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The purpose of the act is for spies to avoid prosecution for being spies as long as they admit it in writing to the Justice Department.

Rafiekian and Alptekin have been charged with lying to the FBI and Justice Department.

Bijan Kiani is a convicted felon.

He was sentenced to 252 months in jail as a co-conspirator selling cocaine in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

His court records have been scrubbed and omitted as evidence in the Alexandria, Virginia Flynn case.

You think Mike Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, would know that.

Kiani docket 2007 to 2008.png
Alptekin 2016 photo great podium.jpg

Ekim Alptekin (above)

Then there is Ekim Alptekin. The last of the Flynn, Kiani conspiracy trio.

Alptekin is absent from the Flynn trial because he lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

He spends his court time on Twitter bashing the U.S. and President Donald J. Trump.

The long hand of the law is unable to reach Alptekin in Turkey.

Yet he has a dozen attorneys representing him in the Flynn/Kiani trial.

Ekim wired $200,000 to Flynn Intel Group (FIG) from his personal account in Turkey.

Alptekin is a member of a Turkish economic relations board run by his best friend, Berat Albayrak.

Albayrak is the Turkish President’s son-in-law.

Albayrak is Turkey’s Finance and Energy Minister.

Alptekin admitted calling him to set up an appointment with Flynn, Kiani, Flynn Jr., and others to discuss joint pipeline ventures with Turkey, Russia, and Israel on Sept. 19th, 2016.

The last Presidential Election was Nov. 8th, 2016.

Trump won.

Alptekin is a key executive with:

A Chinese group of investors bought Eclipse Aviation (EA) on Oct. 5th, 2018.

Citiking is the U.S. company who bought EA for Chinese investors.

Eclipse Aviation was owned by Lockheed Martin.

United Technologies owned EA before Lockheed Martin.

And Bill Gates was in the first investor group.

EA aerospace Alptekin plane history.png

Kristen Verderame’s name has come up more in the trial than any of the other defendants and co-conspirators.

She has been represented since day one of the indictments as an “interested party” in court documents.

Verderame (ver der ROHM ee) is an attorney and personally represents Kiani, Flynn, and Flynn Intel Group (FIG).

She has immunity.

Neither the Prosecution or defense has put her on their witness list.

She is the one setting up the shell corporations to launder money.

Kristen knows more about Flynn Intel Group than anyone else sitting through the Flynn/Kiani/Alptekin trial.

Vanderame registered logo for White Canvas Group.png
Verderame two Pacer entries on same case.png
Verderame McChyrstal top panel.png
Verderame bottom panel McChrystal .png

Kristen Netter Verderame (above)

Black widow?


Just divorced.

Has her house near CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia sold yet?

Million bucks in equity.

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