Flynn Intel dismissal at 9 a.m. means Hillary gets away with spying on Trump

Flynn Intel dismissal at 9 a.m. means Hillary gets away with spying on Trump

Hillary Clinton (above)

At 9 a.m., Hillary Clinton will get away with covering up how she used a fake CIA kidnapping story to spy on Donald Trump.

And 30,054 other American citizens.

Hillary’s operatives include the:

  • FBI

  • Flynn Intel Group

  • Operational Behavioral Services

  • and another federal judge

Defense attorneys for Flynn Intel Group principal partner, Bijan Kiani Kian Rafiekian, filed a 34-page motion to dismiss the case against their client.


Yesterday was Sunday.

It was the fourth time Kian has asked the court to dismiss the case.

Which means what?

Defense attorneys have a blank check for attorneys fees.

Taxpayers are paying the bill.

And the attorneys have no legal duty to disclose who is paying them.

Defense attorneys have no criminal trial experience, but can act like it and get paid at the same time.

Kian has immunity.

He is CIA.

With all the attorneys in D.C., how come none of them practice criminal law?

Do any of their clients ever end up in jail?

Mike Flynn may be the first.

Today’s dismissal was orchestrated before charges in the case were filed last year.

The only question remains:

Will Judge Anthony Trenga dismiss the case against the other defendants (def) and the other “interested party” (ip):

  • Mike Flynn (def)

  • Ekim Alptekin (def)

  • Kristen Verderame (ip)

Judge Trenga’s journal entry of the case dismissal will give the details later today.

The fake kidnapping story of a Turkish cleric was planted in the Wall Street Journal by former CIA Director and Flynn Intel Group undercover informant James Woolsey.

Woolsey received kickbacks of $80,000 from Turkey to plant the story starting with the Wall Street Journal.

It was admitted to by the lawyer from Flynn Intel Group in open court.

The domestic spying continued through Trump’s inauguration.

It has never stopped.

The dismissal means that Mike Flynn never testifies.

He is looking at five-years in jail for lying to the FBI in another criminal case.

Thus, Flynn has no opportunity to testify in an attempt to reduce his sentence.

His credibility was suspect anyway.

Flynn lied to the:

Mike Flynn and Bijan Kiani Rafiekian, more commonly known as Kian, helped finance and sell $150 billion worth of nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia and others.

The Uranium Two deal is being financed by the World Bank.

It was being held up by the Flynn Intel Group criminal case.

The State Department will announce it as soon as the case is over.

Ekim Alptekin is a gun runner for NATO.

One of his companies, Eclipse Aviation, is a joint venture with Russia.

The planes were made from NASA technology.

They fly diplomatic cargo and people without being detected.

Alptekan has been working with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Atlantic Council since 2002.

Erdogan is President of Turkey.

Kristen Verderame is named as an “interested party”.

Her lawyers are doing all they can to keep her for being named a fourth co-conspirator.

No worries.

She is CIA.

And has immunity.

She is the lawyer for:

  • Kian

  • Alptekin,

  • Flynn Intel Group,

  • CIA

  • McCrystal Group

  • White Canvas Group

  • heads of the 14 U.S. Spy agencies

  • CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment.

CFIUS operates in secret like FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).

Rather than protecting national security, its kickbacks benefit board members.

Who is going to find out?

Judge Trenga joins Judges Tonya Chutkan and Theodore Chuang as architects to seal and destroy evidence in numerous criminal court cases including:

  • Flynn Intel Group (Rafiekian)

  • Russian Spy Mariia Butina

  • the Congressional Spy Ring run by Imran Awan for Democratic Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

  • the four criminal cases in Uranium One

Never heard of any of this?

Is this Greek to you?

You are in luck!

Guess who is Greek?

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Who told Prosecutor to lose Flynn Intel case?

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