Judge Chuang accepted two guilty pleas in his four Uranium One cases without a Grand Jury hearing, indictment, or warrant

Judge Chuang accepted two guilty pleas in his four Uranium One cases without a Grand Jury hearing, indictment, or warrant

Maryland District Judge Theodore Chuang (above)


How was that possible?

Maryland District Judge Theodore Chuang said it was legal because the defendants waived their right to a Grand Jury hearing.

And their right to an appeal.

The Judge issued court orders accepting the guilty pleas based solely on a document he called “Information”.

And the defense attorneys failed to object.

Daren Condrey, one of the Uranium One defendants, pled guilty on July 15th, 2015.

He has waited four years to be sentenced.

And the wait will be longer.

Condrey will be sentenced after the trial of Mark T. Lambert, a former co-worker. Condrey is testifying against Lambert.

Lambert’s trial has been reset for Oct. 29th. This is the third time it has been rescheduled.

Out of 17 possible defense witnesses, Lambert’s attorneys told the court they will only call one in October.

It is Condrey’s wife, Carol.

The trial has been cut from five weeks, to three days, to who knows what.


Lambert trial continued to Oct. 29th.png

Lambert has said over and over again he will refuse any plea deal.

Condrey has never served a minute in jail.

He was released without bond. And with one restriction.

Condrey can only travel in the Continental U.S. It means he can still own guns.

He was born in Hawaii.

Lambert continuance to Oct. 28th and Thanksgiving.png

Lambert has been on probation for 20 years, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and federal court records:

Lambert blue BOP box.png
Lambert on probation from 1992 case.png

The other defendant who plead guilty without a Grand Jury hearing was Vadim Mikerin, a Russian citizen and former military commander.

Mikerin plead guility to accepting $2,126,622.36 in bribes.


Uranium is valued at $150 billion in the Uranium One cases.

Mikerin lives in Russia.

He was Russia’s negotiator in a 1993 pact with the U.S. in an uranium exchange program. Russia made the deal with President Bill Clinton’s U.S. Department of Energy. Clinton had authority to make the deal because Congress approved the DOE as an Executive Branch of government.

Mikerin only understands Russian.

Mikerin was called a thug in this handwritten court filing:


Mariia Butina was Mikerin’s interpreter.

She falsified Mikerin’s invoices to conceal bribes.

Butina and Mikerin worked for Tenex, a Russian-based company specializing in uranium resources.

One source are court documents filed by FBI informant William Campbell. He was a bag man who paid bribes to Mikerin in cash.

Court documents are imaged in this story:


Campbell also submitted more documents in federal court.

They are imaged below:

Butina false invoices for Mikerin .png
Buzina two page email chain Tenex.png
Buzina N American Sales Dept page two.png


The four Uranium One cases are explained in the article linked here:


Former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein explains the uranium exchange program here:


What is the probability that one judge would be assigned all four Uranium One cases?

One hundred per cent.

The Judge?

Theodore Chuang.

Condrey face sheet top of plea hearing transcript July 15th 2015.png
Condrey waived right to Grand Jury.png
Condrey arrested based on paperwork of Gadren David SA DOE OIG bottom half.png
Mikerin Chuang Judge page one face of 40 pages.png
Mikerin never indicted according to judge page ten.png
Mikerin waived right to an indictment page eleven.png


How did the FBI get warrants to arrest Condrey and Mikerin?

They had another agency do it.

And they did it without a Grand Jury hearing, indictment, or warrant.

David Gadren, a criminal investigator on a Special FBI Uranium One Task Force, wrote up the charges. He made the arrests based solely on his statements made under oath in a letter.

Gadren is a Special Investigator for the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).

An FBI Task Force can commit crimes without ever being charged.


The assignments for the Task Force in the Uranium One cases were made by Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

The Department of Energy (DOE) gave Tenex, a Russian-based company, a monopoly on shipping uranium to the U.S.

It also allowed Tenex to hire subcontractors in the U.S.

From day one, subcontractors like Transportation Logistics International (TLC), Nexgen, and U.S. Enrichment Corporation were Russian companies based in the U.S.

The source is DOE Special Agent David Gadren.

He certified the information as true in a 21-page court filing dated Oct. 24th, 2014.

No U.S. Attorney or FBI agent signed the criminal indictments in the Uranium One cases assigned to Judge Chuang.


Tenex subcontracted with TLI Nexgen USEC Enrichment Corp page six.png
DOE approved Tenex for a monopoly on uranium page eight bottom.png
DOE caused conspiracy to happen in the first place top page eight.png
Gadren has own investigative powers page one face top.png
Gadren page two part of FBI Task Force.png
Gadren David at Mikerin hearing.png


In the Uranium One cases, the DOE Inspector General has the power to arrest non-employees without a Grand Jury indictment or arrest warrant.

None of the other Inspector Generals in the other 91 federal agencies have that power.

Where did that power come from?

The Task Force?


The Department of Energy (DOE) is part of the Executive Branch of government.

Maybe they got that power from President Donald J. Trump.

Or President Bill Clinton back in 1993.

If one of his Executive Departments like the DOE has that power, so does the President.

First in line to be hit with the a Trump sting operation are Judges Theodore Chuang and Tonya Chutkan.

They are the ones who have and who continue to cover up the Uranium One fiasco.

President Trump needs no permission to release over three million documents in Judge Chuang’s possession in the Uranium case of Mark T. Lambert.

Lambert three million documents May 30th 2018.png

The President needs no permission from Judge Chutkan to release 102,000 hours of audio, one a half million documents, appointment calendars, and diaries taken from Mariia Butina’s apartment in two separate FBI raids.


Trump can release the Uranium One documents now. None of them need to be reviewed or censored.

No permission or review is needed by any court .

Or Attorney General William Barr.

Barr’s best friend?

Robert Mueller.


Mueller hired Rosenstein in 1990 to work for the Justice Department.

Judge Chuang’s resume to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Chuang signature Sept 26th 2013.png
Chuang page 35 of 39 Energy and State Dept duties.png
Chuang page 35 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.png
Chuang resume one through four Jan 6th 2014.png
Chuang bottom page two.png
Chuang resume four to six.png


Carol Condrey, the wife of Daren, was involved in two federal cases.

One was criminal.

The other was an action to forfeit, seize, and sell:

  • $569,447.83 in a bank account

  • a Mercedes Benz car

  • a Jaguar car

  • Cartier watches

The case was filed April 27th, 2015.

A court order to sell the above assets was signed by Judge Chuang on April 19th this year. It remains active until the Lambert criminal case ends.

The Benz and Jag were Lambert’s.

By suing the Condrey’s, the feds were able to seize and sell cars owned by Mark Lambert.

The order was signed by Judge Chuang on Feb. 19th.

Carol Condrey Pacer cases two criminal and civil.png
Carol Condrey middle panel page one face.png
Carol Condrey inventory of asset seizure.png
Carol Condrey forfeiture case.png
Carol Condrey parallel case Chuang.png
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