Judge rules tomorrow on Flynn Intel case

Judge rules tomorrow on Flynn Intel case

Federal District Judge Anthony Trenga, Alexandria, Virginia

Federal District Judge Anthony Trenga of Alexandria, Virginia will rule tomorrow at 10 a.m. on the Flynn Intel criminal matter.

The Judge can:

  • dismiss it

  • grant a new trial or

  • affirm the jury’s findings of guilt

Trenga court schedule Sept 12th 10 a.m..png

A jury found Bijan Kian Rafiekian guilty in a conspiracy to falsify his role as a Turkish spy to make money for Flynn Intel Group (FIG).

Kian is facing 15-years in jail.

Sentencing is Oct. 18th.

Kickbacks of $80,000 were laundered through FIG, according to Rob Kelner, former attorney for FIG.

It could have been more.

However, no charges of money laundering, kickbacks, or bribes were ever filed.

Bribes paid by the Turkish government to Flynn Intel Group were never challenged during the trial.

Even after cross-examination by the defense.

Rafiekian was President and CEO of Flynn Intel Group (FIG).

Kristen Verderame was corporate attorney for FIG.

She was also the personal attorney for Rafiekian, Mike Flynn, and Ekim Alptekin.

Alptekin is an official of the Turkish government.

He is a named defendant despite having diplomatic immunity.

Alptekin’s name was never mentioned at the trial.

Alptekin, at home in Istanbul, Turkey, has never been arrested by the FBI through their office there.

If Rafiekian shows up in court tomorrow, does it mean the Judge will dismiss the case?

If Kian fails to show up in court, has he already fled the country?

His home has been up for sale.

Flynn is an unnamed co-conspirator in the Virginia case.

Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed two years in his case in the District of Columbia.

It is scheduled for Dec. 18th.

He lied to the FBI. The penalty is five years.

Flynn pled guilty twice under oath.

The first time was to Judge Rudy Contreras.

The other was to Judge Emmett Sullivan.

Verderame has been named from the start of the Flynn Intel Group case as an “interested party” or a Person of Interest.

Her attorneys have attended every court hearing in this matter.

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Updated Sept. 12th 1:20 p.m.

Judge Trenga will rule at a later date.

Only heard oral arguments from prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Can release a decision without another hearing.

Oct. 18th sentencing date remains unchanged.

Trenga Sept 12th hearing half sheet under advisement.png
Trenga top half Sept 12th oral under advisement.png
Trenga bottom half one page advisement Sept 12th.png

Friday Sept. 13th Update

Bijan Kian Rafiekian’s “Presentence Investigation Report” was filed today.

If Judge Trenga was going to dismiss the case, why accept the report?

It should have been cancelled.

The Judge failed to cancel Kian’s sentencing date of Oct. 18th too.

No mistake.

Trenga is on track to affirm the jury’s guilty verdict in the Rafiekian trial.

Trenga pre sentence report filed Sept 13th plus transcript.png
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