Butina was FBI informant since 2011 reporting to Putin and Kislyak

Butina was FBI informant since 2011 reporting to Putin and Kislyak

Mariia Butina was an FBI informant.

According to the FBI, she admitted working for Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2011.

At the same time, the FBI said Butina was working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). She worked on the campaigns to help elect Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton President.

Butina has plead guilty to being a Russian spy.

The source is 59 pages of evidence exhibits filed by the FBI in her criminal court matter.

They are public information.

Three pages of FBI evidence exhibits were filed on May 1st, five days AFTER her April 26th sentencing.

According to the judge, this is grounds for a mistrial.


Butina has until Friday to file an appeal.

The other 56 pages of FBI evidence exhibits were filed on April 19th.

Butina image 56 pages of evidence exhibits.png
Butina doc 99 FBI evidence exhibits.png


In her diplomatic notes and diary seized by the FBI, Butina met with the Campaign Director of Vladmir Putin on Jan. 30th, 2017.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is mentioned in Butina’s notes by the initials “VVP”.

The source is FBI evidence exhibits filed May 1st by prosecutors.


Also mentioned in the same set of FBI exhibits is former Russian Ambassador Alexander Kislyak.

He is person “S”.

Butina was Chief of Staff for Alexander Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.

Butina was to Kislyak as Huma Abedin was to Hillary Clinton.

The FBI arrested Butina on July 15th, 2018, a Sunday.

The next day, Kislyak was replaced and sent back to Russia.


What else is in the other 1.5 million documents, 102,000 hours of video, thumb drives, diary, and other evidence seized by the FBI from Butina’s apartment in two raids?



Chutkan evidence exhibit top half of one page entry.png
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Butina FBI page two Putin.png
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Butina FBI bottom page two Putin.png
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Chutkan Butina bottom page 3 with 40 Russian Embassy.png
Butina FBI Putin face sheet.png
Butina Putin bottom face sheet.png
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According to the FBI, Butina started working for the Democratic National Committee in 2011.

The FBI source document dated April 19th is imaged here:

Butina KEY DOC worked since 2011.png

Butina’s sentence of two years was reduced six months for ratting out George D. O’Neill Jr., 70.

His indictment is under seal.

He is John D. Rockefeller’s great grandson.


O’Neill paid for, set up the invitations list, and helped coordinate many of Butina’s activities.

According to the FBI, O’Neill, the NRA, and the Central Bank of Russia are all co-conspirators with Butina.

Corporate entities like the NRA (National Rifle Association) may be held criminally responsible and subject to fines and other penalties.

O’Neill used the Center of National Interest to sponsor non-public events for Alexander Kislyak, the former Russian Ambassador.

O’Neill’s network dates back to President Richard Nixon.

He was on Nixon’s campaign staff with David Keene, former President of the NRA.

O'Neill Kislyak Center of Natl Interest events.png
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Butina BOP completed info.png

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Butina is in their custody. She is being held in Truesdale Dentention Center, a city jail in Alexandria, Virginia. The facility is named after Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s grandfather.

GTMO next?


Mariia Butina (above right) pictured Oct. 26th, 2010 working at the Potomac Institute in Arlington, Virginia. The Institute is sponsored by NATO. The person on the left is unidentified. It was her first cover in the U.S. as was her student visa at American University.


Trump's son and son-in-law to be charged in New York City by Justice Dept.

Trump's son and son-in-law to be charged in New York City by Justice Dept.

Russian spy Butina released from federal prison

Russian spy Butina released from federal prison