Butina case is Judge Chutkan's third D.C. scandal cover-up in a year

Butina case is Judge Chutkan's third D.C. scandal cover-up in a year

Judge Tanya Chutkan (above)

Tanya Chutkan is one of 13 judges on the Federal District Court of the District of Columbia. An additional eight work part-time as Senior Judges.


According to U.S. Court records, there have been 12,620 cases filed in the District of Columbia since Chutkan has been Judge.


Then how did Judge Chutkan get assigned the Mariia Butina, Fusion GPS, and Imran Awan cases?

July 14th, 2018 was a Saturday.


That was when the Justice Department filed its first criminal action against Butina.

It is linked here:


How can paperwork be timestamped when the court is closed?

Butina case filed on a Saturday .png

Court-shopping is rigging the system to get one’s legal case steered to the judge most likely to rule in one’s favor.

It is only illegal if caught.

And if the opposing party objects to it.

Is this how Judge Chutkan got steered the Awan and Fusion GPS cases too?

Is that cause for a reversal?

How does the Justice Department keep on getting away with it?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL, has a brother, Steven, who works as a U.S. Attorney in the Prosecutors’ Office in the District of Columbia.

She is former campaign chairman for the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President.

Wasserman Schultz is also the one who gave her passwords to Imran Awan.

Is that how the Butina, Awan, and Fusion GPS cases got “assigned” to Judge Chutkan?

What does this say about the rest of the D.C. District Court?

What are they doing to rein in Judge Chutkan’s judicial misconduct?

Supporting it?

The First Cover-up

Butina black silouette GQ.jpg

Mariia Butina (above), the Russian spy?

Judge Chutkan can extend Mariia Butina’s solitary confinement and gag order with a five-year sentence Tuesday.

With good behavior, Mariia is eligible for a sentence reduction of up to 54 days a year.

Miss Butina plead guilty to being a Russian spy at a court hearing on Dec. 13th.

The 56-page transcript of this hearing which including her guilt plea is linked here:


Butina really best face three.png

Mariia Butina (above)

Unless the gag order is extended, Mariia the has the opportunity to tell her story.

Will the Judge deny that opportunity for five years?

The court is waiting for new evidence less than a week before Butina’s sentencing.

It is the names and pictures of Mariia’s former classmates at American University (AU).

How many other student spies are in those pictures and names?


Judge Chutkan has to allow the defense an opportunity to view all available evidence.

To deny it would nullify the plea agreement.

The Judge has no obligation, however, to disclose the new evidence to the public.

The Judge can claim “national security”, blowing the cover for CIA operatives, as the reason for “sealing” it.

Will that new evidence uncover the identities of other Butina student co-conspirators?

Will Butina’s attorney, Robert Driscoll, have time to prepare a proper defense before Tuesday?

He has yet to ask for an extention of time in order to review the pending new evidence.

The court is still waiting for it.

The public may never know it.

Butina two guns photo black over shoulder.png

Mariia Butina (above)

Miss Butina was arrested on July 15th, a Sunday.

Two days after the arrest, Presidents Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russia, were to meet in Helsinki, Finland.

Was the arrest timed to disrupt the agenda of this meeting?

The FBI served its second warrant at Mariia’s apartment on July 15th.

They left with a hard drive with two terabytes of data, according to Prosecutor Erik M. Kenerson.

Two terabytes is equal to:

  • 34,000 hours of music or

  • 80 days or videos or

  • 620,000 photos or

  • 1,000 hours of movies

In April, according to Bob Driscoll, Butina’s defense attorney:

  • 15 FBI agents searched Mariia’s apartment for evidence

  • The FBI left with a hard drive containing over 7,000 pages of documents and unspecified personal items

  • Later in the day, Butina testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Butina best black in four.png

Mariia Butina

Mariia worked for Susan Rice at American University (AU). Their offices were next to each other.

Ambassador Rice was President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017.

Rice’s job at American University was to review NSA and FBI surveillance data, then organize it, for the benefit of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.


As Dean, Professor James Goldgeier was in charge of selecting 70 other students to help analyze the data with Butina as their student leader.


 National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice greets young LGBT activists from nearly 30 countries outside of the West Wing Lobby of the White House, March 29, 2016. Their trip was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

Ambassador Susan Rice (far right) talking to a new recruits for American University

Butina is jailed in the William Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia.


A Russian Orthodox Priest and Valery Butina, Mariia’s father, are approved visitors.

Butina Fathe Valery South Dakota.png

Father and daughter, Valery and Mariia Butina (above)

Butina complained about her cell being cold. It took five months for the prison to turn up the heat.

And Mariia’s parents and sister live in Siberia.

Neither the Judge nor the Prosecutor can find guidelines on which to base Butina’s sentence. No one has ever plead guilty to the crime Mariia is pleading guilty to.

In fact, never the Judge nor the Prosecutor have a copy of last year’s federal sentencing guidelines.

Details are in the plea agreement, Page 44, imaged here:

Butina Judge says no sentencing guidelines exist.png

The Judge asked her the correct spelling of her first name. It is Mariia with two “i’s”.

Butina spelling of Mariia with two I's page 12.png
Butina orange hunting cap.png

Mariia Butina (above)

Chutkan has been a U.S. Federal District Judge in the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. since June 5th, 2014.

To get her appointed, President Barack Obama created or “packed” the D.C. Court with a “new position”.

At her Judicial Nomination hearing, Chutkan was asked about her lack of experience in criminal law. She had none.

Nor did Chutkan have trial experience.


She was approved by the Senate by a voice vote.

It avoids having one’s vote go into the Congressional Record.





According to the federal court’s system of records, Judge Chutkan has never tried a criminal case.

Or any case?





Butina’s lawyer, Robert Driscoll, has no criminal law experience either.

Neither does anyone in his law firm.


Driscoll Roberrt photo on Fox.png

Robert Driscoll (above)

Yet, Judge Chutkan has ruled that Driscoll has provided “competent” legal defense for Mariia.

After all, Mariia said so herself at her pre-sentencing hearing on Dec. 13th.

Chutkan issued a “gag order” on Butina’s case because of Driscoll’s repeated appearances for a national cable network, Fox.

Driscoll caused it.

Butina was punished for it.

Chutkan even assigned an “Advisory Attorney”, Mr. A.J. Williams, to monitor whether or not Butina has been violating the gag order since Dec. 13th.

Williams is a Federal Public Defender assigned to the District of Columbia since 1990.

According to Valery Butina, Mariia’s father, Driscoll’s fees reached $463,000 in July.

“But the lawyer did not abandon the case . . . and has been actually working for free since then”, said Mariia’s father.

“It is indeed a huge debt.

“The case is politicized, this is why the fees are that high”, said Valery Butina.


Butina’s hometown in Siberia raised $14,500 for legal fees.


Butina’s father said that Driscoll “helped the family” set up a fund to pay legal fees.

None of it goes to the Butina family.

Who monitors an attorney’s escrow account anyway?

How was Driscoll assigned the case?

The same scheduler who assigned Judge Chutkan the Fusion GPS and Imran Awan cases too?

Fusion GPS: Judge Chutkan’s second cover-up

Judge Tanya Chutkan was also assigned the case involving Fusion GPS.

Fusion was paid to write the Russian dossier.

Two of them.

Paid by the Russians through a Cleveland law firm.

Admitted to in sworn testimony before Congress. The details are linked here:


What happened to the checks that came and went from Fusion GPS?

Who did they pay to produce false narratives for the media?


Chutkan ruled that the checks be “sealed”, never to be made public.

Chutkan’s Third Cover-up

Judge Chutkan was also assigned the case of Imran Awan, another D.C. scandal.

He was the “Pakistani mystery man”.

For 14 years, he headed the Spy Ring in Congress for 40 members of Congress.

Who knew?

In 14 years, how much intellectual property, patents, weapons, and pay-for-play deals were rinsed through Pakistan and sold to N. Korea, Iran, China, and Russia?


Awan plead guilty to bank fraud. His six-month sentence was reduced to three months of “supervised” probation by Judge Chutkan.

“He suffered enough”, said the Judge.

Awan lives in Pakistan nine months out of the year.

Awan received immunity from prosecution without having to testify against anyone.


Exactly how did Awan suffer?

He was paid $160,000 working three months out of the year to manage Congresses’ computer systems.

Judges with lifetime appointments never have to explain anything.

Chutkan grumpy self.png

Judge Tanya Chutkan

Updated Feb. 8th, 2019 8:41 a.m.

Butina BOP inmate locator.png


According to Pacer, the official record of the federal courts, nothing on Butina’s release and plea agreement was filed yesterday.

Butina docket 8 a.m. Feb. 8th.png
Butina case update Feb 8th.png

Bob Driscoll, Butina’s attorney, said yesterday that she should be home in Russia in six weeks.

The plea hearing remains on schedule for Tuesday.

The gag order has been lifted.

Mariia remains in prison at the William Truesdale Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia, according to the Russian Orthodox Church. She is no longer in an isolation cell.

The prison is named after Special Prosecutor’s Robert Mueller’s grandfather.

Butina sentencing delayed until Feb. 26th at 2:30 p.m.

Butina sentencing delayed until Feb. 26th at 2:30 p.m.

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