Flynn's dark side revealed in his public financial disclosures

Flynn's dark side revealed in his public financial disclosures

Is Kristen Neller Verderame (above) one of the attorneys who set up Mike Flynn?

Miss Verderame is a named party in the the criminal spy cases of Mike Flynn, Bijan Kian Rafiekian, and Ekim Alptekin.

Flynn Kian 2013 facebook.png

Bijan Kian Rafiekian (left) with Mike Flynn to celebrate an event dated March 5, 2013 at the Nowruz Foundation honoring Kian’s daughter

Kristen Verderame is an attorney specializing in spotting fraudulent financial transactions like money laundering.

Verderame allegedly conspired to launder money for Flynn, Rafiekian, and Alptekin, to pay bribes.

It was through a company she set up in the Netherlands called Inovo BV.

The money, $530,000 in kickbacks and bribes, made its way to Flynn Intel Group through Inovo BV.

Flynn smoking gun.png
Flynn paid $145k Inovo for Sept 2016.png

Both Flynn and Rafiekian had access to the $530,000.

And both wrote checks traceable to Inovo BV.

Neither were charged for money laundering or paying bribes.

Flynn was charged for lying to the FBI.

Sentencing for Flynn is July 15th.

Yesterday, Prosecutors cited Flynn three times in court filings as an unnamed co-conspirator with Kian and Alptekin.

Flynn will not testify if this motion is approved filed June 20th.png
Kian Flynn involved with Alptekin June 20th.png

Kian was charged with two counts of failing to register as a foreign agent for Turkey.

In other words, a spy.

Verderame was never charged.

But she could be.

That is why she has an attorney for her benefit at the trials of Kian and Flynn.

Verderdame no longer works for Inovo.


Rafiekian’s partner in Flynn Intel Group was Flynn.

Alptekin was President of Inovo BV, Netherlands.

Ekim is a co-defendant in Rafiekian’s criminal case.

Alptekin is charged with two counts of being a spy and four counts of fraud.

Verderame specializes in CFIUS law.

CFIUS is the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.

Its purpose is to protect national security interests of America from foreign governments who would harm the country.

Like FISA, CFIUS is another secret agency will no accountability.

FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Verderame worked for British Telcom looking for suspect or fraudulent business transactions.

She represented British Telcom at CFIUS hearings.

Her resume posted of the internet reads like one working for the CIA.

Verderame CFIUS 2013 article expert.png
Verderame interview 2013 CFIUS.png
Vanderame resume on U of M web site.png

The turning point in the career of Mike Flynn was when he incorporated Flynn Intel Group (FIG) Inc. on June 12th, 2015 in Delaware.

According to the New York Times:

“Mr. Flynn decided that the military’s loss would be his gain.

“He would parlay his contacts, his disdain for conventional bureaucracy, and his intelligence career battling Al Qaeda into a lucrative business advising cybersecurity firms and other government contractors.

“Over the next two years he would sign on as a consultant to nearly two dozen companies.”

In public financial disclosures, Flynn reported an income of $1.47 million in 2016.

On Oct. 8th, 2014, the Defense Intelligence Agency warned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn IN WRITING against accepting money or gifts from foreign governments after he left the agency.

Flynn image SMOKING GUN warning letter 2014.png
FIG DE June 12th, 2015 corp paperwork 17 pages.png
FIG initial officers three.png

Initial Directors and Corporate Officers of Flynn Financial Group (FIG) Inc. were:

  • Bijan Kian Rafiekian

  • Michael Flynn

  • Philip A. Oakley

In less than a year, Oakley quit.

Oakley never had a role in the day-to-day activities of FIG Inc.

thumbnail_Flynn Public disclosure three weeks after appt Feb 11th 2017.png

Against the advice of his attorneys, Covington & Burling, Flynn starting his lobbying activities on Oct. 2014.

Because of his military background, Flynn was advised he was unable to work as a lobbyist for five years.

And as a retired military officer, Flynn is prohibited from accepting payment from a foreign government without permission from both the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Army.

He did lobbying work anyway.

Before and after he retired.

Was the money too good for Flynn to pass up?

In 2016, he represented 26 companies, four based in Russia.

They were:

  • Anadarko Oil Production

  • Volga-Dnepr Airlines

  • Kaspersky virus software

  • RT TV

Anadarko U.S. location is Houston.

It owns oil fields in Venezuela.

Volga Airlines transport highly enriched uranium used to make nuclear bombs and to power nuclear submarines.

The Airlines was blacklisted by the Pentagon on August 19th, 2015.

Kaspersky’s hack of the DNC has blocked them from any and all business with the U.S. Government.

RT TV is registered as a foreign agent by the Justice Department.

Flynn Russian companies Voolga.png
Screenshot_2019-06-21 Mike Flynn's second public financial disclosure form dated March 31st, 2017 16-pages Employment Pension(5).png
Flynn smoking gun Anadarko Petroleum 17 and Inovo BV is 30.png
Flynn disclosure 16 pages with signature March 31st, 2017.png
Flynn salary 824k+.png
Flynn case history Nov. 30th 2017 with Information.png

Flynn case filed Nov. 30th, 2017

Flynn 12 companies listed as position outside govt.png


Flynn started lobbying on Oct. 2014, for Flynn Intel Group LLC

see line Nine (above)

Alptekin financing diplomatic planes with cargo under sanction.png

Ekim Alpketin (above) representing Volga Airlines, transporters of uranium

Alptekin next to Turkey photo.jpg

K. Ekim Alptekin (above) representing Turkey. In court, he says he never represented them.

Alptekin resume linkedin.png
Nowruz Reception on Capitol Hill OIAC US.png
Nowruz board of directors.png

The above email exchange is from court records.

They are ONE DAY after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

The exchange is between partners Flynn and Kian and their attorney for Inovo BV, Kristen Vanderdame.

These four lies impeach Flynn's testimony

These four lies impeach Flynn's testimony

Judge Trenga will dismiss Kian case on June 28th to cover up DOJ's allegations of fraud, bribes, and kickbacks between Flynn, his lawyers, clients, 14 business ventures, and Turkey

Judge Trenga will dismiss Kian case on June 28th to cover up DOJ's allegations of fraud, bribes, and kickbacks between Flynn, his lawyers, clients, 14 business ventures, and Turkey