"The Machine", Palantir's secret citizen cyber surveillance system, is used by 80 cities, FBI, CIA, and Army

"The Machine", Palantir's secret citizen cyber surveillance system, is used by 80 cities, FBI, CIA, and Army

Palantir Technologies makes "The Machine". It is custom-made software for secret cyber surveillance systems. They are already being used in 80 cities, the FBI and CIA. 

The U.S. Army will get one soon. They signed a $876 million, 10-year contract with Palantir in March.



Palantir was created by the CIA through its venture capital group called In-Q-Tel. They admit it on their government web sites:



Contracts between Palantir Technologies and New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York (Manhattan), will expire at the end of the month. They are searching, however, for other brands of "predictive policing" software. 

"Predictive policing" uses criminal history to anticipate who will commit the next crime, and where. But can the future be determined on past results?

Stock brokers can be fined and jailed if they used past results to project future profits.

What about the information that was never written down by police? It may be significant yet was missed.

Try telling a detective they missed a clue.

So far none of the "predictive policing" software has been able to pinpoint what crime will be committed, when.

Even on TV. The best a fictional "Machine" on "Person of Interest" could do was identify the next victim or perpetrator.  

Palantir Technologies is a "data integration and analysis software company", said Courtney Bowman, a company spokesman. 

The software looks for patterns, trends, and relationships. It looks for haystacks full of needles rather than finding a single needle.

For example, a consultant for the Securities Investment Protection Corporation (SIPC) used Palantir’s software to help convict Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Millions of documents were in 40 years worth of records.

A target's information is funneled into software. A report is generated in real time. No one needs to write computer code. The software can translate any language into English automatically. No technical expertise is needed.

Courtney Bowman said, "Once I get a person's email or phone number, I can bring in all the other data about them. And then each individual item is tagged so that you can take different slices and on the data very flexibly."

"Those involved with victims of prior crimes and shootings are 40 per cent more likely to be the next victim", said Bowman.

Courtney Bowman Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineer Palantir.jpg

Courtney Bowman, Palantir Technologies

Please click on the above video for Bowman's remarks. It has been automatically fast-forwarded. 

New Orleans

New Orleans' Mayor Mitch Landrieu cancelled his city's contract with Palantir on March 15th. It ran for six years without public knowledge. 


The public was made aware of it on Feb. 27th.


The relationship between New Orleans and Palantir was finalized on February 23rd, 2012, when Mayor Landrieu signed an agreement with Palantir Technologies.


Los Angeles

Critics in Los Angeles like Jamie Garcia call "predictive policing", profiling. Targets are secretly spied upon without warrants or warning. 

Garcia is a volunteer for the Stop LASD Spying Coalition. They issued a 50-page report dated May 22nd on how the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) uses software to profile.

 It is called "Dismantling Predictive Policing in Los Angeles". It is linked here:



LA police surveillance car lap top.jpg

According to the FBI, "The Machine" was "twice the accuracy that LAPD’s current practices produced". 

The FBI also said Los Angeles' property crime was up less than one-half of one per cent (.4 percent). An area called Foothill had the most success. Property crime declined 12 percent.

The FBI omitted discussing how "predictive policing" impacted LA's murder rates and other non-property crimes.



“When people think we’re profiling or targeting, it’s not true,” said Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson. “It has nothing to do with your race, your background. It’s just all about the contacts you have with law enforcement.”

Using technology, Chicago police are responding to shooting incidents three minutes before witnesses call 911, the emergency only phone line, said Anthony Guglielmi, Chicago police spokesman.

Chicago Eddie Johnson Chicago Police Dept Superinendent.jpg

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson

Chicago watchdog list.png

“We know we have a lot of violence in Chicago, but we also know there’s a small segment that’s driving this stuff,” said Eddie Johnson, the head of the Chicago Police Department.

"We have about 1,400 individuals who score 480+ which are the highest risk to become a suspect or victim of gun violence," said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Chicago's data base includes more than 398,000 entries. That includes everyone who has been arrested and fingerprinted in Chicago since 2013.




There are, however, 76 other cities using "The Machine", according to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), President Barack Obama, George Soros' Open Society, and the Ford Foundation.

Here is President Obama's list of cities being federally financed to adopt "predictive policing" policies:


  1. Connecticut

  2. Illinois

  3. Maryland

  4. Oregon

  5. Pennsylvania

  6. Rhode Island

  7. Utah

Cities and Counties

  1. Albany, NY

  2. Allegheny County, PA

  3. Anne Arundel County, MD

  4. Arapahoe County, CO

  5. Bernalillo County, NM

  6. Bexar County, TX

  7. Black Hawk County, IA

  8. Camden County, NJ

  9. Champaign County, IL

  10. Charleston County, SC

  11. Clark County, NV

  12. Coconino County, AZ

  13. Codington County, SD

  14. Dakota County, MN

  15. Dallas County, TX

  16. Denver, CO

  17. Eau Claire County, WI

  18. Everett, WA

  19. Flagstaff, AZ

  20. Franklin County, OH

  21. Franklin County, PA

  22. Fulton County, GA

  23. Hood River County, OR

  24. Hudson County, NJ

  25. Jefferson County, KY

  26. Johnson County, IA

  27. Johnson County, KS

  28. King County, WA

  29. Knox County, TN

  30. Lafayette Parish, LA

  31. Lake County, IL

  32. Leon County, FL

  33. Los Angeles County, CA

  34. Lucas County, OH

  35. McLean County, IL

  36. Mecklenburg County, NC

  37. Miami-Dade County, FL

  38. Milwaukee County, WI

  39. Montgomery County, AL

  40. Montgomery County, MD

  41. Multnomah County, OR

  42. New Orleans Parish, LA

  43. New York, NY

  44. Oakland, CA

  45. Pima County, AZ

  46. Pinellas County, FL

  47. Polk County, IA

  48. Ramsey County, MN

  49. Rio Arriba County, NM

  50. Salt Lake City, UT

  51. Salt Lake County, UT

  52. San Diego County, CA

  53. San Francisco, CA

  54. Santa Clara County, CA

  55. Snohomish County, WA

  56. Suffolk County, NY

  57. Wake County, NC

  58. Walla Walla County, WA

  59. Washington, DC

  60. Winona County, MN


The public in these cities were made aware of "Predictive Policing: Using Technology to Reduce Crime On" in an FBI report dated April 9th, 2013.



So did the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

They issued a 12-page report dated August, 2013, called "Geographic Information Systems and Predictive Policing Application Note".

It listed "predictive policing" programs in Arlington (TX), Charlotte (NC), Lancaster (CA), Richmond (VA), and Santa Cruz (CA).


According to the Ford Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Organizations, they help pay for "predictive policing" software in these cities:

  • Atlanta

  • Bellingham, WA

  • Baltimore County (not city)

  • Fresno

  • Houston

  • Memphis

  • Miami-Dade

  • Nassau and Suffolk Counties in NY

  • Newark

  • Nashville

  • Oklahoma City

  • Phoenix

  • Tucson

California cities:

  • Santa Cruz

  • Woodland

  • Los Gatos

  • Campbell

  • Morgan Hill

  • Burbank

  • Brea

  • Salinas

  • Piedmont

  • Alhambra

  • University of California Berkeley, PD

  • Livermore

  • Paramount

  • El Monte

  • Richmond

  • Milpitas

  • Mountain View

Other than California:

  • Rio Rancho, NM

  • Farmers Branch, TX

  • South Sound, WA

  • Lakewood, WA

  • Tacoma, WA,

  • Elgin, IL

  • Reading, PA

  • Columbia, SC

  • Norcross, GA

  • Ocala, FL

  • Miami Gardens, FL

  • Cocoa, FL

  • Lauderhill, FL,

  • Orange County Sheriff’s Department, FL

  • Hagerstown, MD

  • Oxford, AL

  • Little Rock, AR

  • Tacoma, WA

TeamUpTurn.org is funded through the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundations (George Soros).


"The Machine" is used in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


And Atlantic City, New Jersey.



Crystal cartoon risky January.jpg

"You are going to have a very risky January."

Financial firms like JP Morgan Chase, an FBI contractor, recently cancelled its contract with Palantir because they were spying on its executives.


Palantir Technologies was started in 2004 by the CIA, according to Steve Pieczenik. He served as Assistant Secretary of State to three Presidents.


“Palantir Has a $20 Billion Valuation and a Bigger Problem: It Keeps Losing Money” by Wall Street Journal Nov. 12th, 2018 linked here:


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