BorgWarner and Russia have been partners for 30 years

BorgWarner and Russia have been partners for 30 years

Russian President Vladimir Putin pictured May 7th, 2012 at the KAMAZ/BorgWarner factory is in Naberezhnye Chelny, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. It is the largest vehicle factory in the world and is two square miles.

BorgWarner said they have no facilities in Russia but has supplied Russian truckmaker Kamaz PJSC with technology for over 15 years.

The KAMAZ plant is located here:

Tartastan map.png
Putin KAMAZ in Russian.png

KAMAZ is BorgWarner and . . .

BorgWarner is KAMAZ.

Putin's website May 7th 2012.png

Photos above this line are from the website of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia said they have been partners with BorgWarner for 30 years.

BorgWarner makes KAMAZ’s turbocompressors, power units, and every other part needed to make the cab.

Russia began using Schwitzer brand turbochargers in 1988.

In 1999, BorgWarner Turbo Systems bought Schwitzer Corporation of Indianapolis, according to the BorgWarner website linked here:

Russia admitted buying Schwitzer turbochargers in 1988.

A statement was made by KAMAZ/BorgWarner Russia in a press release dated Dec. 9th, 2013:

“The Schwitzer turbocompressors delivered to KAMAZ are used to manufacture standard Euro-3 and Euro-4 engines, which are then incorporated into the gas engines of KAMAZ trucks and NEFAZ buses”.

This press release is imaged and linked here:

KAMAZ press release 2013 partners with BorgWarner.png

BorgWarner USA admitted working with KAMAZ for 15 years, according in one of their press releases linked here:

BorgWarner press release KAMAZ.png

KAMAZ is owned by Mother Russia through Rostec, who owns every major business in the Russian Federation. They specialize in joint ventures. Russia gets 50.1 per cent thereby maintaining control.

Their partners like BorgWarner get 49.9 per cent.

KAMAZ specializes in making all-terrain armor-plated Monster Trucks that mount missiles.

Please try an internet search using “Kamaz trucks carrying missiles”.

Over 137 different military vehicles are pictured taken from one search it includes missile launchers, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft weapons, and tanks.

Iran bought Russian Club K missiles Nov 2016.png

Source is Rostec State Corporation’s 2016 Annual Report, page 18, linked here:

As an example, here is a weapon made by KAMAZ/BorgWarner/Russia used by NATO:

Weapon self propelled anti aircraft.png

These military “trucks” reach speeds of over 120 miles per hour over deserts and tundras.

KAMAZ press releases say they manufacture over 500,000 vehicles a year like buses. Over 100,000 were military vehicles.

Russian exports of weapons exceeded $50 billion last year, said Rostec’s Director General Sergey Chemezov.

BorgWarner makes KAMAZ vehicle “lorries”. Truckers in the U.S. call “lorries” semi-trucks, semis, or cabs.

BorgWarner makes no mention of their KAMAZ partnership with Russia on their website and annual reports.

They may have no legal obligation to do so.

Maybe other SEC filings is sufficient to give shareholders sufficient notice and knowledge that one of their companies makes weapons in Russia that can be used to kill Americans.

Is BorgWarnerUS paying its fair share of taxes from their KAMAZ partnership?

Or maybe they can legally pay nothing.

Does the IRS even know about the deal?

On Page 18 of their 2017 Annual Report, BorgWarner said their two joint ventures were “reported by the Company using the equity method of accounting.”

  • Who is the unreported company in the second joint venture?

  • Whose equity?

  • What method of accounting? From what country?

Three important details without explanation or footnotes.

The relevant part of Page 18, “Joint Ventures” is imaged below:

BW pg 18 on joint ventures.png
BW page 19 KAMAZ never mentioned.png
Screenshot_2019-01-22 Product Search - BorgWarner(2).png
Screenshot_2019-01-22 Product Search - BorgWarner.png

Has BorgWarner ever been investigated by the SEC, Justice Department, FBI, or CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States)?

Why worry?

Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, heads the International Division of the SEC. She decides what investigations are investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the Justice Department.

Here is her track record:

Kamaz Rostec.png
Kamaz two .png
Whelan in Russia for the race.png

The last Dakar Rally competition was in Peru.

It took ten days.

It finished Thursday.

They are usually held in South Africa, where Paul Whelan, a BorgWarner employee in charge of security, has a gun dealership selling his American-made sniper gear.

This year, the winner in the truck division was Russia.

Does anyone else win? Does anyone else dare to?

Their drivers have incentive. They live to enter year’s competition.

Spectators seemed disappointed is this year’s race. No one was run over, killed, or injured by the Russian team. It happened last year. And in 2008, resulting in a Russian team being disqualified.

Death 17-day race 2008.png
Deaths in KAMAZ rally with Putin's picture 2008.png

One race took 17-days. The course ran between Qaratubak and Torgai in Kazakhstan on June 12th, 2008.

It is the Decathlon event for Military Monster Trucks.

Or is it an annual Russian military exercise?

Another race ran from St. Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China. It was 17 days and had 300 racers from 25 countries. Races also included dirt bikes, four by fours, and cars.

BorgWarner USA headquarters is in Auburn Hills, Michigan (Detroit).

American teams and drivers have never participated. Were they ever invited?

Congress voted 357-22 Thursday to support Pelosi's trillion dollar slush fund for NATO instead of $5 billion for a Mexico border wall

Congress voted 357-22 Thursday to support Pelosi's trillion dollar slush fund for NATO instead of $5 billion for a Mexico border wall

Paul Whelan sells Russian-made AK-47's through his gun dealerships in Las Vegas, Miami, South Africa, and Detroit

Paul Whelan sells Russian-made AK-47's through his gun dealerships in Las Vegas, Miami, South Africa, and Detroit