Rockefeller heir, George O’Neill Jr. to be indicted next month based on Butina’s 50-hours of FBI testimony, 1.5 million documents, and 102,000 hours of audio

Rockefeller heir, George O’Neill Jr. to be indicted next month based on Butina’s 50-hours of FBI testimony, 1.5 million documents, and 102,000 hours of audio

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George D. O’Neill Jr. (far left in the above photo) with his sons. The sons have no part in this story.

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Next to be indicted in the Russian collusion fiasco is George D. O’Neill Jr., great grandson of John D. Rockefeller.

He paid for and sponsored most of Mariia Butina’s spy activities.

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Former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller started investigating O’Neill’s role with convicted Russia spy Mariia Butina.

O’Neill’s probe is being continued by the new Attorney General, William Barr.

O’Neill wrote a character reference letter for Mariia dated March 1st.

It was written to her trial judge.

It is imaged here:

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Mariia’s sentencing was delayed three times.

The FBI needed time to review evidence and complete her testimony ratting out her co-conspirators.

There are 71 at American University including Ambassador Susan Rice, President Sylvia Burwell, and Professor James Goldgeier.

Butina was sentenced Friday.

It was for one count of “conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government” or being a Russian spy.

Please read paragraph four below:

Butina orderr of judicial removal top half date filed stamped.png
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The complete “Order of Judicial Order” dated Friday is two-pages.

It is linked here:

Butina’s cooperation with the FBI convinced the Judge to knock off six-months of Mariia’s two-year sentence.

It could balloon, however, to five years if Butina talks with media while in prison.

O’Neill financed Mariia’s operations through the Center of National Interest.

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Butina’s other U.S. handlers were David Keene and Paul Erickson.

Keene is former President of the NRA.

Both have been involved in Presidential election campaigns since Richard Nixon was President.

Erickson was Ollie North’s gun runner in Iran-Contra.

Erickson 1992 with Buchanan NH.png
Erickson with Contras 1990.png

Paul Erickson delivering guns to the Contras. Courtesy of Paul Erickson.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. Person Two named in the Butina indictment was George O’Neill Jr.

Paul Erickson is U.S. Person One.

According to court filing made Friday, the FBI executed two warrants.

They were on different days, April 24th, 2018 and Sunday July 15th, 2018.

Her attorney said he was there for the entire day for both FBI searches of evidence.

Both times, the FBI took Mariia’s laptop and smart phone.

Her password was the same for both searches.

The evidence included:

  • thumb drives of 102,000 hours of audio

  • one and a half million documents seized from two FBI raids on Butina’s apartment

  • 50-hours of testimony to the FBI and Congress

  • diaries

  • notebooks

  • appointment calendars

  • and other files found in packed boxes

The FBI never filed an inventory of evidence in Mariia’s case.

The Judge never required it.

The defense attorneys never asked for it. They have no trial or criminal law experience.

Butina image FBI 50 hours April 21st 2019.png
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Butina April 21st 2019 page three list of evidence seized.png

Some sources say 14 terabytes of audio was seized by the FBI

By the time Butina was sentenced, court records said it was six terabytes.

A single terabyte can hold 85,899,345 pages documents or 17,000 hours of audio.

What happened to the rest?




Or lost?

How many thumb drives did the FBI take from Butina

How many hours of audio were on those thumb drives?

What were they about?

How were they collected?

Who made the audio?

Whose voices were on tape?

When did they start?


How many appointments, dinners, and meeting were on how many thumb drives?

Who were they with? Where? When?

Neither the Judge or defense attorneys asked.

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Please fast forward to minute 17.

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Updated May 3rd 10:14 a.m.

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Judge covers up changes in Butina's sentencing and plea agreement after Friday's hearing

Judge covers up changes in Butina's sentencing and plea agreement after Friday's hearing

Butina agrees to five-year sentence if she talks

Butina agrees to five-year sentence if she talks