Russian Spy, Fiona Hill, testifies Monday before Congress

Russian Spy, Fiona Hill, testifies Monday before Congress

Fiona Hill was graduated from Russian spy school at Moscow State (above)

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Fiona Hill (above)

Sources are:

  • Fiona Hill’s resumes

  • the CIA

  • and Congress

All public information.

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So that is how Fiona Hill became fluent in Russian.

Learned it in Moscow, Russia.

Her classmates were Russians being groomed to be spies for their two state intelligence services:

The CIA paid for most of her schooling, according to Fiona Hill.

Some of it by the British spy agency, MI6.

And her mentor at the CIA and Harvard, Richard Pipes.

Hill was one of Pipes’ doctoral students at Harvard University.

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Richard Pipes (above)

Former CIA Director George Bush hired Pipes to run the CIA’s special Russian unit called Team B.

It was approved by President Gerald Ford.

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A primary source is linked here:

A second source of Richard Pipe’s CIA Team B group of spies in Russia is linked here:

And a third:

Fiona Hill was an:

  • intern

  • Russian interpreter

  • and fetched coffee for

NBC’s Today Show when it was hosted by Maria Shriver.

Hill’s appointment to the Trump Administration was leaked.

She was hired by Keith Kellogg, National Security Council Chief of Staff.

Who did Fiona Hill’s background check to serve on the President’s National Security Council?

Bruce Ohr?

His CIA handler, Joe Pientka III?

Bruce’s wife, Nellie?

Or Tom Firestone?

President Donald J. Trump replaced Fiona Hill in August with Tim Morrison.

Job placement services are available for her at Moscow State, her alma mater.

Moscow State Intersearch job placement.png

Unable to verify whether Fiona Hill stole stuff off President Donald J. Trump’s desk.

Or was a:

  • consultant

  • contractor

  • director

  • board member

  • stockholder or

  • former employee of . . .

Chemonics, a chemical weapons manufacturer of chlorine and sarin gas.

Richard Pipes being interviewed by William F. Buckley on Nov. 1st. 2001.

The 53 minute video is linked here:

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A film based on the true story of Richard Pipes is appearing at a theater near you.

Will Smith is the “Gemini Man”.

Uranium One 17-day trial opens Oct. 24th

Uranium One 17-day trial opens Oct. 24th