Sidney Powell, Jessie Liu, and Covington keep bungling their way through Flynn case

Sidney Powell, Jessie Liu, and Covington keep bungling their way through Flynn case

Judge Emmett Sullivan (above)

Defense Appeals Attorney Miss Sidney Powell’s name never appears on the court record as Mike Flynn’s attorney.

As of today, Judge Emmett Sullivan will sentence Flynn on July 15th.

Flynn’s attorneys from Covington & Burling never filed a legal withdrawal motion signed by Judge Emmett Sullivan.

It is imaged here:

Flynn still has same attys from Covington.png

That means Covington still represents Flynn.

Until Judge Sullivan rules otherwise.

And no record of Flynn’s lawyer change was recorded in Pacer, the official court record of the Federal Judiciary.

The Judge did sign an order a week ago that said Covington filed defective paperwork to quit or “withdraw” from the Flynn case.

Covington has yet to figure out how to file it.

Powell screwed up too.

She never filed a motion to become Mike Flynn’s attorney.

Powell’s filing today was defective too.

The Judge has never recognized her as Flynn’s new attorney.

Did Powell ever work for Covington & Buress?

And was is an attorney specializing in federal appeals work doing in a criminal trial where she has no experience?

How much does Fox Network paid her?

How much does Fox get paid for promoting her books?

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is a Partner at the Covington law firm.

Back to Mike Flynn.

Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI on Nov. 30th.

Prosecutor Robert Mueller recommended no jail time for Flynn.

That was on Dec. 18th.

Now Flynn is anticipating a five-year jail term from Judge Emmett Sullivan on July 15th.

This morning, this two-page “Joint Status Report” was filed by Prosecutor Jessie Liu and Attorney Miss Sidney Powell:

Flynn June 14th cooperation complete top face.png
Flynn June 14th bottom face sheet.png
Flynn June 14th paid two top half.png
Flynn June 14th middle panel.png
Flynn June 14th bottom panel page two with page number.png

Jessie Liu is U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia (DC).

Where Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s brother, Steven, works too.

Liu is the head honcho for the Justice Department in D.C.

Both Liu and Powell want to delay Flynn’s sentencing another 60 days.

It has been delayed since December.

No way Flynn will be testifying against his former friend and business partner, Bijan Kian (also known as Bijan Rafiekian).


The defense gets to cross-examine.

Can you image Flynn testifying on all the projects he secretly worked on with Rafiekian since 2008?

And how they used taxpayer money to finance billion dollar projects to build oil and natural gas pipelines to and from:

  • Iran

  • Ukraine

  • Russia

The projects are:

  • offshore

  • above, and

  • below ground

Financed through Congress’ Military Industrial Complex Slush Fund, the Ex-Im Bank.

The Export-Important Bank is known as Ex-Im Bank.

Flynn and Rafiekian were partners in Flynn Intel Group formed in 2015. They folded in December.

They called their company “a private DARPA”.

DARPA stands for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.

DARPA is a real James Bond gadget agency.

They develop all new defense technology for the U.S.

The Flynn group wanted to “steal”, whoops, “privatize” DARPA to make money selling their gadgets to the highest bidder.

The taxpayers paid DARPA to develop the technology. Flynn Intel Group forms a “partnership” with DARPA and sells the technology on the open market without the expense of research and development.

What year did that start, Gen. Flynn?


How much money did you make selling Green Zone phones?

Can you please explain, Gen. Flynn, how a Green Zone system works, who uses them, and what they are used for?

Are they a private phone network that are undetected by the NSA, anyone, or any country.

How was your company able to get that technology transferred to one of your companies?

How much did you make when you sold it?

And how much in bribes were paid to how any parties for getting Ex-Im Bank to finance Kianco USA’s projects?

And who was Chief of Staff of Flynn Intel Group?

Your son.

What was his name, again?

And what was he responsible for?

Bijan Rafiekian’s trial is to begin the same day as Mike Flynn’s sentencing.

July 15th.

Flynn Kian 2013 facebook.png

Bijan Rafiekian (left) and Mike Flynn (right) celebrating an event for Kian’s daughter on March 16th, 2013

thumbnail_Flynn March 16th, 2013 top half Nowruz.png
Flynn status report June 14th.png
Flynn docket entries deborah curtis.png

Updated June 14th

Court order removing Covington as attorneys.

Sidney Powell has until Monday at 5 p.m. to file proper paperwork to become Flynn’s new attorney.

Status hearing is Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Judge admitted he got status hearing wrong too. Corrected to Tuesday Room 24A.

Flynn status report June 14th.png
Flynn hearing Monday for new atty.png
Flynn Sullivan goofed.png
Flynn Sullivan which one is correct.png
Mike Flynn's son, Stephen, received Whelan Security's Employee of the Year Award from Paul Whelan in 2015

Mike Flynn's son, Stephen, received Whelan Security's Employee of the Year Award from Paul Whelan in 2015

Mike Flynn's sentencing is July 15th

Mike Flynn's sentencing is July 15th