Flynn partner approved loans for Putin's VEB bank

The former CEO and President of Flynn Intel Group, Bijan Kian Rafiekian, helped finance Putin’s VEB bank in Moscow. Kian worked with Evgeny Buryakov in NYC to finance deals for Putin. Carter Page was the informant who wire tapped Buryakov. It resulted in a guilty plea followed by FISA surveillance of Trump.

Turkish partner ties Flynn Intel to Russia and Israel

While an intern for Congress, Alptekin watched Barney, President Bush’s dog. Ekim appointed Kian to his Board of Directors at Eclipse Aviation. They spent Christmas’ together. Ekim is a defendant in the ongoing criminal matter of Kian and Flynn. They also represented Ratio Oil Exploration of Israel.

Flynn Intel dismissal at 9 a.m. means Hillary gets away with spying on Trump

Hillary had the FBI spy on Trump and 30,054 American citizens. It failed to get her elected President. She used the CIA’s Jim Woolsey to plant a fake kidnapping story to divert attention away from spying on Trump. Key participants in the plot were the FBI, Flynn Intel Group, Operational Behavioral Sciences (OBS), and another federal judge, Anthony Trenga. OBS was hired to do a psychological profile of Trump to be used to remove him from office for being mentally unstable.

CIA's Woolsey set up Mike Flynn

Woolsey received kickbacks laundered through Turkey, Inovo Group, and Flynn Intel Group (FIG). They were paid as “consulting fees”. Woolsey was Director of the CIA. The information was disclosed in yesterday court filings by Robert Kelner, former attorney of Flynn Intel. Kelner is a partner at Covington & Burling. So is Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the U.S.

Mike Flynn added today to witness list

Mike Flynn was added today as a witness for Monday’s trial. The judge ruled Flynn is a co-conspirator in the criminal case of Bijan Kian Rafiekian and Ekim Alptekin. Charges include two allegations of being Turkish spies to four counts of fraud.

Flynn ruled a criminal co-conspirator, trial Monday

Michael Flynn is a co-conspirator in the Kian case, according to Judge Anthony Trenga. His trial begins Monday in Alexandria, Virginia Federal District Court. The trial judge has labeled Flynn a criminal co-conspirator with Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian Rafiekian. They are accused of being Turkish spies, representing non-American interests. Flynn has already plead guilty to lying to the FBI. The case is in D.C. Federal Court. Judge Sullivan will sentence Flynn as soon as the Kian trial is over. Flynn is anticipating five years in jail.

Paul Erickson fraud trial is Oct. 1st

Yesterday, Judge Kathy Schreier became the new trial judge in the fraud case of Paul Erickson. Today, the Judge reset the trial date for Oct. 1st. Erickson is charged with one count of fraud and ten counts of money laundering. Erickson worked together with Mariia Butina, a convicted Russian spy.

These four lies impeach Flynn's testimony

Financial disclosures filed and signed by Flynn dating back to June 10th, 2015 impeach his court testimony. The filings discredit Flynn’s testimony as anything but truthful. Flynn lied to the President, FBI, Justice Dept., and Congress. Sources are from Flynn’s public filings.