Third Flynn case to yield 14 documents out of three disc drives

Third Flynn case to yield 14 documents out of three disc drives

Andy McCabe (left), former FBI Assistant Director and Peter Strzok, former Chief of Counterintelligence for the CIA and FBI.

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Only 14 documents out of three disc drives of data will be released to the public in the criminal matters of former General Michael Flynn.

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None of the current and pending investigations involve the Trump Administration, said Prosecutor Brandon Lang Van Grack.

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This is a settlement agreed to by the:

  • Washington Post

  • Sidney Powell, attorney for Mike Flynn

  • prosecutors

Source is a 34-page transcript dated June 24th before Judge Emmett Sullivan.

It is the case of the Washington Post versus the United States.

The law suit is about release of public documents.

Case number is 19-051 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (DC).

Portions of three pages are imaged here:

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The entire transcript can be read by clicking this blue link:

The three disc drives and the rest of the client file was transferred to Powell from Flynn’s previous attorneys, Covington & Burling.

It was Covington’s file on:

  • Flynn Intel Group

  • Flynn

  • Bijan R. Kian Rafiekian

The first document to be released is a report detailing what cooperation, if any, Flynn gave to prosecutors.

To date, none of Flynn’s 19 meetings with the FBI have resulted in prosecutions or convictions.

Prosecutors said Flynn’s cooperation is contained in an additional report attached to its recommendations for sentencing.

Prosecutor Van Grack wants it to remain hidden from the public.

His opinion is on Page 18 of the June 24th transcript:

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Flynn is facing five-years in jail.

The first Flynn case resulted in a guilty plea.

He lied to the FBI.

The recently concluded trial of Bijan Rafiekian was a seven month battle to prevent Flynn from testifying.

They succeeded.

Unless Judge Anthony Trenga agrees to retry the Kian/Flynn criminal case.

On Sept. 12th, Judge Trenga will make a decision to let stand, dismiss, or approve a new trial.

Rafiekian has been found guilty of:

  • failing to register with the Justice Department as a Turkish spy

  • conspiracy

Flynn has been identified by prosecutors as a co-conspirator.

He has yet to be charged however.

Flynn’s attorneys have been present at all the Kian legal proceedings dating back to Dec. 12th.

Prosecutors admit that two key paragraphs they want to seal in the Strzok memo has no effect on national security.

They involve the names of three people they want blacked out of the public record.

It may affect the future of how the FBI conducts is normal, usual, and customary way of conducting interviews.

Judge Emmett Sullivan said that such a legal theory is “in unchartered waters”.

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The other eleven documents requested by the Washington Post are specified with titles and dates.

They are all linked here:

What will happen to the rest of the Flynn evidence?

They were ordered destroyed in the cases of Mariia Butina and Bijan Kian Rafiekian.

Strzok running ops in the Hilton?

Strzok running ops in the Hilton?

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Flynn partner approved loans for Putin's VEB bank