Why is Haslam's deposition still protected under court order?

Why is Haslam's deposition still protected under court order?

Protection for who from what?

Since all the civil cases for money damages against Pilot have been settled, what need or purpose is served by keeping Haslam's eight-hour official court recorded testimony a secret?

Haslam never received immunity from prosecution. This deposition is evidence in the event he is.


Has anyone requested a recording and written transcript of Haslam's official court testimony?

A request was made today to Franklin Common Pleas Judge David C. Young, pictured above, to release Jimmy Haslam's deposition. Haslam is CEO of Pilot Corporation, better known as Pilot Flying J. Judge Young's court is in Columbus, Ohio.

The deposition was taken December 13, 2016 in relation to case 15-CV-9849, FST Express Inc. versus Pilot Travel Centers LLC also known as Pilot Flying J and Pilot Corporation.

The case was filed by trucking companies demanding money damages for wrongfully withheld rebates. The Justice Department called it theft. Judge Young issued a 14-page protective order to seal the deposition as "confidential" on April 21, 2016.

It remains withheld from public view until Judge Young issues an order to release it or a subpoena is issued.

At the time of the deposition, Chip Cooper, a Columbus attorney representing two of the trucking companies, encouraged the press to act to make Haslam's testimony public.

A.B. Culvahouse, representing Pilot, had a different view. He said Cooper's clients wanted to "harass" Pilot "into a windfall settlement." He gave no reasons for seeking a protective order like protecting his client's trade secrets or shielding him from criminal prosecution.


Will the USA Today publishing network file a public information lawsuit asking the court to release the deposition to the public?

USA Today is the country's largest newspaper network. A Cleveland daily newspaper, the Plain Dealer, is also part of the USA Today network.

To be "candid", will Haslam release it voluntarily?

Requests to take legal action to get Haslam's deposition released were placed yesterday to both USA Today and the U.S. Justice Department's office in Eastern Tennessee.

The Justice Department was responsible for prosecuting Pilot Flying J and getting the corporation to cop a plea to corporate theft. Haslam admitted in writing that his company stole $56 million from 5600 customers and cooked the books to conceal the theft. His signed admission of corporate guilt as Pilot's CEO is linked here on Page 40 marked "C4":



Mark Hazelwood, former President of Pilot, is being tried by prosecutors in an ongoing criminal trial in the federal court office in Chattanooga. The trial will continue into February.

The prosecutor's office in Eastern Tennessee is headed  by U.S, Attorney J. Douglas Overbey. He was appointed Nov. 21st by President Donald J. Trump. Both Tennessee Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, recommended Overbey.

Haslam's roommate at the University of Tennessee was Corker. Haslam's brother is Governor of Tennessee.



Since the FBI and IRS raid on Pilot Flying J, sales at Pilot have nosedived 40 per cent.


Trump signs six-year extension of FISA to use how?

Trump signs six-year extension of FISA to use how?

Jimmy Haslam tells why he is innocent in Pilot Flying J fiasco

Jimmy Haslam tells why he is innocent in Pilot Flying J fiasco