Judge Trenga will dismiss Kian case on June 28th to cover up DOJ's allegations of fraud, bribes, and kickbacks between Flynn, his lawyers, clients, 14 business ventures, and Turkey

Judge Trenga will dismiss Kian case on June 28th to cover up DOJ's allegations of fraud, bribes, and kickbacks between Flynn, his lawyers, clients, 14 business ventures, and Turkey

Judge Anthony Trenga (above), Federal District Court of Eastern Virginia, Alexandria


Judge Anthony Trenga will commit “a virtual act of treason” by dismissing a criminal case on June 28th.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ Prosecutors have filed a motion May 30th against the law firm of Covington & Burling for evidence contained in their client files regarding Michael Flynn.

Flynn was formerly in President Donald J. Trump’s cabinet as National Security Adviser.

He has pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

Flynn’s sentencing is July 15th.


The DOJ said the law firm of Covington & Burling was aware that Flynn Intel Group engaged in:

  • fraud

  • bribery

  • kickbacks

. . . to enrich its partners, Michael Flynn, Bijan Kian Rafiekian, and Ekim Alptekin.

Prosecutors said “that the defendant was engaged in a crime or fraud at the time that he consulted FIG’s attorneys and that the defendant’s statements bear a close connection to the defendant’s scheme to commit the crime”.

FIG stands for Flynn Intel Group.


In fact, Covington & Burling represents both Flynn and Kian Rafiekian in the same case before Judge Trenga.

And the attorneys will only allow access to their client file to Flynn even though Bijan was CEO.

Flynn is a non-defendant in the criminal case of Kian.

Bijan is accused of being a spy because his law firm, Covington, was negligent.

They filed his paperwork six months late with the Justice Department.

And advised him that filing a FARA was unnecessary.

FARA is the Foreign Agents Registration Act.


The Justice Department’s (DOJ) nine-page motion for evidence to compel disclosure from defense lawyers Covington & Burling was filed May 30th.

It is linked here:


Prosecutors are asking for Covington’s file on Flynn.

It includes Flynn Intel Group and Bijan Kian.

Covington admitted never separating the three files.

What is keeping the Justice Department (DOJ) from getting a warrant to search the law offices of Covington for evidence relating to Flynn?

The DOJ better hurry before Judge Trenga dismisses the case on June 28th.

Will they act in time?

If no effort is made to get a warrant, is it a sign the Prosecutors are deliberately trying to throw the case?

Or just incompetent?

Trenga prosecutor filing crime fraud exception top half May 30th.png
Screenshot_2019-06-16 18919721136.png


In the above motion, Prosecutors argue that the defendants’ have admitted crimes to their attorneys.

Therefore, the defendants are no longer protected under attorney-client privilege.

And their attorneys must turn over their entire file on Mike Flynn dating back eight years.

In another motion, Prosecutors are barred from mentioning that Turkey bribed Flynn Intel Group by laundering money through the Netherlands by using Kristen Neller Verderame of Inovo Group.

A stunner because Flynn’s attorneys, Covington & Burling, admitted Flynn Intel Group received $530,000 from Inovo in this public filing:

Flynn smoking gun.png
Flynn email one Gissou.png
Flynn email two.png
Flynn email three.png
Flynn email four.png
Flynn email dated Oct. 22, 2016 top half.png
Flynn email Oct 22nd 2016 bottom half.png

Judge Trenga has already ruled against the Prosecutors on evidence disclosures by the defense in previous rulings.

Without evidence, the case is dismissed.

By ruling in favor of dismissing the case, Flynn’s business dealings in 14 companies over eight years will be covered up.

The two-hour transcript of a hearing on June 13th discussing this matter has yet to be made public.

Will it ever be disclosed?

A copy was requested from the court reporter, Rhonda Montgomery.

The two-hour hearing on Thursday was reduced to a single page in court records.


Dismissing the case gives the appearance the decision was properly made.

However, it exposes, rather than covers up, wrongdoing between the:

  • Judge

  • defense attorneys

  • defendants

  • clients of Flynn Intel Group

  • Turkey

  • Prosecutors

Kian hearing June 13th.png
Rafie June 13th top face page minutes of motions.png
Screenshot_2019-06-16 Criminal Motion Minutes dated June 13th, 2019 in Bijan Rafiekian, Bijan Kian, Mike Flynn, Kamil Alpke[...].png
Rafiekian doc 212 motion evidence June 13th 2019.png

Eric Holder is a Covington Partner

Holder Partner Covington and Burling.png

The case of interest before Judge Trenga is the U.S. versus:

  • Bijan Kian aka

  • Bijan Rafiekian aka

  • Bijan Kiani and

  • Kamil Ekim Alptekin

It is the U.S. District Court of Alexandria, Virginia.

Case number is 1:18:cr:00457:AJT-1.


Here are the real persons, businesses, and entities of interest in the case are:

  • Eric Holder’s law firm of Covington & Burling

  • Flynn Intel Group (FIG) Inc.

  • Michael Flynn

  • Bijan Kian Rafiekian

  • Kianco USA

  • the Iran Nuclear Deal

  • Nowruz Foundation

  • Paul Monteiro, Obama appointee to the Justice Dept., Asst. Dir. Nowruz Foundation

  • Gen. Mike Flynn’s son, Michael Jr., former Chief of Staff, Flynn Intel Group (FIG) Inc.

  • Gissou Rafiekian, Bijan’s wife

  • Kristen Neller Verderame of Inovo Group



Details of the bribes, scams, and kickbacks in the case of Flynn Intel Group (FIG) Inc. are in their attorneys’ files, according to the Justice Department.

The FBI has failed to get a search warrant for evidence at the law offices of Covington and Burling relating to Flynn and the 13 companies he was involved in since 2015.

They were:


Judge Trenga ruled on May 17th that Prosecutors are unable to use “Kickback and synonymous terms” to describe the bribery schemes of Flynn Intel Group.

The court order is here:

Trenga top half bribe May 17th.png
Trenga unable to bribe schemes signed bottom half May 17th.png

A story about how the negligence of Covington & Burling got Flynn Intel Group in a jackpot is linked here:


The case before Judge Trenga has two defendants and three names:

  • Bijan Rafiekian also known as

  • Bijan Kian

  • Kamil Ekim Alptekin

Kian’s charges include failing to register as a spy from Turkey.

Alptekin has similar charges plus four charges of lying to the FBI.

They were partners with Mike Flynn doing business as the Flynn Intel Group (FIG) Inc.

Mike Flynn is a non-defendant in this case.

Flynn’s case is in the District of Columbia.

He pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

When trial judges were changed in Flynn’s case, his plea went from no jail time to five-years.

Flynn will be sentenced July 15th.


The same day, trial begins for Kian and Alptekin.

The italics are from the Judge Trenga.

He is the trial judge in the Kian and Alptekin case.

His entry, rather than making it a court order, the court record said

  • “full docket text”

  • “Motion to dismiss the Indictment:.

If granted, a motion to dismiss ends the case.


It means that there are no facts for a jury to consider, even if a Grand Jury did.

Trenga buries motion to dismiss in a note called full docket text.png

Pacer is the official record of the Federal Judiciary (above)

Kian June 13th page two ful.png
Kian updated court docket dated June 14th.png

Motions to dismiss a case are routinely asked for in criminal cases.

They are rarely approved.

Especially with a Grand Jury indictment.

The second 21-page Grand Jury criminal indictment or charges in this case is linked here:


The first Grand Jury indictment, also 21-pages, is linked here:


Prosecutors have been ordered to file their reasons for continuing Kian’s trial by Thursday.

Attorneys for Kian must do the same by June 25th.

Kian is represented by three attorneys with less than two years experience and one partner with no trial or criminal law experience.

How will Judge Trenga rule on June 28th at 9 a.m.?

Just like Judge Theodore Chuang?


. . . or Judge Tonya Chutkan?


Unfortunately for Mike Flynn, he no longer has Rudy Contreras as the Judge.

Instead, Judge Rudy was pulled.


Judge Emmett Sullivan was chosen by “random assignment” for the Flynn case.

Flynn Contreras reassigned docket text .png
Flynn Contreras removed bottom half Dec 7th 2017.png
Flynn Contreras reassigned randomly Sullivan Dec 7th 2017.png

Here is another indication of how defense attorneys are colluding with Judge Trenga to fix the case.

Defense attorneys have already drafted a proposed court order dismissing the case.

It is in document 190-1 dated June 6th.

Trenga motion to dismiss written by Kian's attorneys dated June 6th top half.png
Trenga motion to dismiss bottom half of motion to dismiss June 6th.png

Bold move by the defense.

Made only if the outcome is pre-determined.

The next court date in the Flynn Intel matter is June 28th at 9 a.m. District Court of Alexandria, Virginia, Room 901.

Ask for Judge Trenga’s courtroom.

The expression on Bijan Rafiekian’s face before he enters the courtroom will tell you the outcome of the case.

Monteiro White House Obama source with photo.png
Monteiro Justice Dept appt.png

The lead attorney in this case for the defense is Daniel Edward Johnson of Covington & Burling.

Other defense attorneys listed in the court record are:

  • Brandon Jacob Moss of Wiley Rein LLC (DC) representing Kristen Verderame of Inovo

  • Jesse R. Binnall and Philip John Harvey of Harvey & Binnall PLLC of Alexandria, Virginia representing Michael F. Flynn

Kristen Neller Verderame is the CEO and Founder of Pondera International. She was attorney for Inovo Group, a company paid $530,000 by Flynn Intel Group.

Did the Justice Department assign their top prosecutors to Judge Trenga’s case?


What does that tell you?

The feds want to lose?

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